& # 39; Broad City & # 39; was rejected by a network for being "too feminine", according to Abbi Jacobson

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It is hard to imagine that someone would miss the opportunity to spend some time with Abbi and Ilana and do unbridled antics in New York City, but it turns out that not everyone was so enchanted instantly. Broad city as the rest of us went. In his new book, Abbi Jacobson claimed that FX originally rejected Broad city for being "too feminine" of a show, after she and Ilana Glazer developed a pilot for the network.

According to Vulture, Jacobson chronicled her and Glazer's struggle to turn their favorite cult web series into a comedy in their new memories, I could regret this. The couple, along with Amy Poehler, who had registered as an executive producer to help Broad city find a television network; he originally sold the program to FX, and spent a year developing a pilot that would work with the comic sensibilities of the network. "After arriving at a place where we all felt good, it was handed over to the man in charge, to the man we never met, to the man at the top." He had probably never heard of us, the show or the year in which it had been in development, and he was not in it, "Jacobson wrote.

She continued: "It was, as they told us, too feminine." So they went in. We were devastated.This thing that was once so preposterous, actually started to bear fruit, and then it was abruptly removed. "


The writer and actress went on to explain that the whole process really disappointed her with the television industry in general, and she wondered if she was developing Broad city In a television program it was even worth it in the long term.

"Call me crazy, or naive, but this seems counterintuitive, outdated, and a complete waste of time," Jacobson wrote, through Vulture. "Do I look annoyed or overheated by this rebuff, more than six years later? Maybe, but because I've been in the game for a minute and it's still happening like that."

Fortunately, FX going Broad city He allowed the show to end in Comedy Central, where it was shown in all its "absurd" and absurd feminist glory. "They got us completely," Jacobson wrote of the comedy network, where the show will end its five-season career in early 2019. In fact, the Comedy Central team supported the vision of Jacobson and Glazer that even convinced the Comedians to use their real names in the program, just as they did in their original web series.

"I can not remember why we changed them from ours when we originally sold the show, but I guess it was to separate the characters from ourselves, to have a split," explained Jacobson about the decision to name his character Carly in the original pilot (The character of Glazer would be called Evelyn). "We were in the office one day working on reviews, when one of the producers came to tell us how strong he thought we should use our real names, that until now, at least in" The web series, with our real names was what the It made her feel so authentic. We agreed and we changed them again. "


Since its premiere on Comedy Central in 2013, Broad city it has become a phenomenon of pop culture, thanks to its hysterical and brutally honest representation of life as a twenty-something woman in New York City and, most importantly, by the charming and inspiring friendship between Abbi and Ilana. And with the fifth and final season officially up and running, fans can only hope that Jacobson and Glazer's determination to stay true to their original vision will open the door to future shows to represent women in all their wonderful, imperfect and exciting ways. , without being dismissed as "too feminine".

If that does not deserve a collective, "Yas, Reina", well, we can not think about what he does.

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