& # 39; Bao & # 39; Director Domee Shi develops a feature film on Pixar

adminNovember 30, 2018

Shi director Pete Docter, who recently replaced John Lasseter as the studio boss's creative officer, to support her short Bao from the early stages of development even before it had been officially added to the studio.

"[Docter] was one of the first people I put it on because I was very excited about the idea and I just wanted to afford it, Shi said. "And he was just very excited about it … I'm very glad I did it to him because his excitement about it and his shock and reactions really gave me confidence in continuing to develop it and finally getting it to studio. "

Shi, who also went on the table Incredibles 2 and the forthcoming Toy Story 4, also expressed the hope that Pixar and other animation studies will expand its sources of stories. "Hopefully, there will be several different stories down the road from these big studios because I think they've just discovered that they can not continue to draw from the same creative well over and over again," she says. "If Pixar wants to be at the forefront of animation and stories, they must look for different sources. "

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