& # 39; Arrow & # 39; Reveals First look at & # 39; Shadowhunters & # 39; Katherine McNamara as Street Fighter Maya

adminNovember 29, 2018

WARNING: Spoiler Alert if you are not yet occupied Arrow season 7!

Oliver Queen is now out of Super Max Prison, and probably ready to repeat his Green Arrow hood and start taking back his city. Arrow fans now have a number of special events to look forward to from the rest of season 7 including the new "Elseworlds" crossover with Flash and Supergirl; Arrows milestone 150 episode; and the introduction of a new Arrowverse, as we now get our first look at (via TV line). Meet the "Street Fighter Maya", which will debut in future Arrow episode, "Unmasked":

Arrow Season 7 Street Fighter Maya (Katherine McNamara)

Maya has been a great mystery hanging over Arrow season 7. when shadow Hunters The star of Katherine McNamaras casting as Maya was first announced, it became apparent that the grade would have a key role in Arrow Season 7 – with details about what that role is, or if it has any connection to a character from DC Comics. This first appearance picture reveals nothing but the fact that Maya looks quite sharp and seems quite safe to get into the ring to knock down bruisers.

The few official details of Maya as we know, in addition to the ideas conveyed by this new image, quickly lead to a conclusion: Maya could be revealed as the new green arrow, which filled out for Oliver Queen when he unlocked. With early fancy theories that try to point to an established character that takes up the Green Arrow mantle, it would be a twist if it was revealed to be a whole new character, after all.

Based on McNamara's own description of the Mayan, it seems that she definitely has all the necessary qualifications to be a pending vigilante:

"She's a street fighter so she's a boxer in an underground match club. She grew up in a very rough environment and is very much a product of that environment … Maya is very much realistic and one to beat first and foremost questions later. She is not underestimated or broken. Maya is definitely kickass, I tell you so much. "

The mystique of both Maya and the new Green Arrow is not just one that will affect the recently released Oliver Queen: given the new format of Arrows history, Maya could also play an important role in future events. Here's what McNamara has already bothered:

"I have many secrets in my sleeve, which has been so graciously shared with me by showrunner [Beth Schwartz] and by everyone else on Team Arrow. The biggest thing I can say is that there's a lot to come from this character and it's as much an actor for me to get out of it. And just like everyone at Arrow has been so welcoming and it has really been a situation where I feel I'm part of the family. "

The arrow flies Monday at 8 ET on CW.

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