& # 39; Aquaman & # 39; drowning & # 39; the return of Mary Poppins & # 39; at the Spanish ticket office

adminDecember 27, 2018

Although historically it is one of the weekends of the year with greater prosperity for the rooms, This time, the global collection has not been as high as expected, despite the presence in addition to three strong releases over 300 copies in circulation. Nevertheless, it is assumed that school holidays will increase the cashier's office weekdays to recover lost ground.

& # 39; Aquaman & # 39; (Warner) debuts with 2.6 million euros of revenue, and an average per screen of € 4,346, according to data provided by ComScore, which allows him to proclaim himself as a clear head of our checkout office, although at the first forecast he suggested he would star in a very close duel with "The Return of Mary Poppins". These characters once again showcase the enormous trait of superhero films and confirm this genre as the most successful today in commercial terms.

In comparison with the opening figures for the last bet in this court, the movie starring Jason Momoa enhances a bit of Black Panther & # 39; (2.3 million euros) and Wonder Woman & # 39; (2), the latter also from the universe of DC Comics, but fall behind & # 39; Venom & # 39; (3.1), & # 39; Deadpool 2 & # 39; (3.2) and Avengers: Infinity War & # 39; (6.8). To understand this comparison, we must clarify with what expectations and possibilities the band really started.

& # 39; Aquaman & # 39;

On the one hand, the film broke out as the most important action and science fiction title of this Christmas, a time when this genre usually makes its special August, as well as the excellent health condition of the superhero films. on a fairly favorable basis. Equivalent The visual spectacular that the film shows, with the depths of the sea as the main stage, increases its nature of overproduction and convey it with an appeal that plays as a clear point in favor, just as it happened a few months ago to & # 39; Megalodon & # 39;.

Even with all this, We must remember that the protagonist is a stranger to much of the generalist goal, unlike other superheroes, which a priori limited the ability to meet a public spectrum beyond the usual comic book fans and this type of film. In addition, the competition for family audiences at this time is quite difficult and do not forget that & # 39; Aquaman & # 39; also addresses the smallest of the house.

Considering all of these elements, Warner should be pleased with this first result, and considering that this time his final collection will not be determined by what he received on the weekends, but also has a lot of margin in the days between weeks that will happen to the rest of the titles. Exactly the same may cause the assistance to be distributed from Monday to Friday, which is why we are following a strong breakdown next weekend, which would fall within that expectation and should not be alarming. If the movie maintains its state of superhero film at the moment, it should surpass the 9 million last collection without too much trouble.

Disney falls short with & # 39; The Return of Mary Poppins & # 39;

On the other hand, & # 39; The return of Mary Poppins (Disney) debuts others with 1.4 million euros and an average screen of € 2 319, numbers below expected and leaves a first aftertaste of disappointment to the company, but at the same time they shouldn't surprise someone in excess. The movie was one of the major projects of the 2018 mouse factory in 2018, according to what it meant to save one of the most emblematic classics in the entire Disney story, so the level of media activity and marketing work and publicity has been undeniable from weeks before its release.

These first data are actually in line with the 1.3 million euros he opened "The nutcracker and the four kingdoms" a few weeks ago, and expectations and expectations of success between a movie and another have nothing to see. In addition, the study needed yes or yes to provide in bullseye and to restore the stumbler that it has lived this year with & # 39; a fold in the time & # 39; (2.5 million euros) and Christopher Robin & # 39; (1.6) Not to mention the setback that has been & # 39; Han Solo: A Star Wars story & # 39; (6.1), it became one of the biggest failures in 2018.

Even taking into account the dimensions of the project, Perhaps one of the errors would like to play with & # 39; The Return of Mary Poppins & # 39; in the same league as the last flesh and blood adaptation of Beauty & the Beast & # 39; and the Jungle Book & # 39 ;, for example. It is true that everyone is doing good classics, and no one doubts the popularity of the audience, but the commercial drive of the big Disney titles in the 90s is much larger than the company's film. 60's and 80's, temporary range where the original "Mary Poppins" movie is located. Only the fact that the film dates from 1964 prevents children from having a small connection with history, and so it is the more adult goal that is driven to go with their children to theaters, and not the other way around. That is how it usually happens.

Nevertheless, The potential of the Disney brand is enormous, and it is hoped that the studio will keep the advertising machine running to make the film known.Moreover, the holidays are very positive these days. At least 6 million euros must have them insured.

Without leaving the prizes, & # 39; Spider-Man: A New Universe & # 39; (Sony) debuts in fourth place with 0.8 million euros and an average of € 1.597, discrete characters who, even with very little difference, have not allowed him to impose "Ralph Rompe Internet" (Disney), which is also in the order of 0.8 million euros, in this particular animation duel. The aggregate collection of the latter in part amounts to 7.2 million euros after three weeks in the rooms, with a view still being over 9.6 million that his predecessor concluded.

& # 39; Ralph breaks the internet & # 39;

On the other hand, & Bohemian Rhapsody & # 39; gives just under 19% and is still in the top 5 ranking with 0.5 million euros and a cumulative shot of 20.6, ranked as the third most successful film of the year, and with chances of triggering "The Incredibles 2" (21 million) in second place. Meanwhile, the French comedy Sobre is disappointing ruedas and debuting in the eighth position with 0.2 million euros and an average not exceeding or € 1000 per screen, while & # 39; Mortal Engines & # 39; and & # 39; Miamor lost & # 39; do not restore the lost ground and confirm as two of the most outstanding mistakes in the course. The first one reaches a loose 1.3 million euros a day, while the last film by Emilio Martínez Lázaro is pleased with a warm 0.8 million euros after ten days in theaters.

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