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The presenter does not conceal that she is a mother owl and shared the post in social networks, where she collects 16.1 million followers. In the pictures, the business woman melts to show the firstborn and the youngest before the Christmas tree. A Christmas with many blessings and love. From our family to his family, "said the bride to TV director Adriano Ricco Tuesday (25)

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Eliana is really a mother owl! On Thursday (25), SBT hostess published photos of the children, Arthur and Manuela, during the celebration of Christmas on social networks. "A Christmas with many blessings and love, from the family of your family," he wrote in the caption. In another click, the businesswoman famous fans showcased the youngest, who recorded the first steps in front of the tree. "I can't stand it! Just a little sweetness for you," said the TV director's fiancee Adriano Ricco.

Presenter did a will because she was afraid to die

Having met another pregnancy surrounded by care, Eliana told in an interview that she was preparing the will and panicking in panic before her daughter was born. "One day before Manuela was born, I had a syndrome, a panic, I was afraid to die, I did a will, I did everything you could think of as goodbye, I even passed the code on my cell phone to two friends." I cried so much at night that the second day I went to the surgery, it was good, "said the blonde, who had placental displacement during pregnancy, bleeding and undergoing uterine surgery when she was in the 11th week.

Business woman stayed away from recordings in SBT

To take care of her and her children's health, Eliana spent five months in complete rest. "From that day, my life changed completely." The active woman, who had been working for fourteen years, worked as a lawyer, as many said, and I began to acquire my daughter. I called my boss and said, "I'm not coming back." He was scared, not because of work, but because he had no idea of ​​gravity. and said to me, "You forget your job now, you need to take care of your family." "This sentence was very inviting when I was worried that it was an hour or so. I couldn't go on it, I had nothing planned for it," said the artist, without any plans to get pregnant again.

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