3 years ago from Terrence Howard, divorced

adminDecember 26, 2018

The famous actor Terrence Howard suggested to her ex-wife Mira Pak three years after her divorce.

Empire's 49-year-old star, July 2015, divorced his wife suggested sharing the moment with social media.

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"It took me 45 years to find you," Howard says. You are with me when I was 50 years old. I'll spend the rest of your time with you. I pray that everyone will find the one who will complete forever, because it means everything. I love you. "

And Pak said to Howard, "I love you too, baby."

The couple have two children called Qirin and 2 years old at the age of 3 years.

The duo teamed up in September 2015 at the Emmy Awards ceremonial red carpet.

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