"2018 – The Quiz" (ARD): Barbara Schöneberger disband Elyas M & # 39; Barek – Panorama

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"2018 – The Quiz" at ARD: Barbara Schöneberger disband Elyas M & # 39; Barek – and hit the celebrity race properly

Barbara Schöneberger

Barbara Schöneberger

Photo: Elmar Kremser / SVEN SIMON / imago / Sven Simon

"2018 – The question"With Frank Plasberg in ARD – it was again this year: traditional showdown between stars of German television.

This year's candidates were Günther Jauch, Barbara Schöneberger, Jan Josef Liefers and Elyas M & # 39; Barek.


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"2018 – The Quiz" at ARD: Brabara Schöneberger: "Elyas M & # 39; Barek has no movie to promote!"

And even before the first question was asked, it could Barbara Schöneberger does not seem to keep himself and intimidated by heartthrob Elyas M & # 39; Barek: "He doesn't have a movie to promote," she exclaims in disbelief. "He just came because he likes us!"

He just wanted to make sure you didn't forget him, Barek's counters. The reason for preparing something for the celebrity quiz was apparently not for the actor. "How did you prepare yourself, Elyas?", Just ask the moderator Frank Plasberg Barbara Schöneberger ate M & # 39; Barek. The cheeky answer: "Not at all. This has nothing to do with general knowledge here. It's enough if you've seen breakfast TV."

Did Elyas M & # 39; Barek Barbara Schöneberger?

Elyas M & # 39; Barek Barbara Schöneberger It is difficult to say that the (probably not bad) side stocking is resent. It was – very professional – laughed at all sides a lot.

Barbara Schöneberger: Little taunts during "2018 – The Quiz"

The little taunts went through the show: When all the candidates had to throw in shiny colorful costumes to compete under the supervision of ex-queen Katharina Witt skating with each other, wondering Barbara Schöneberger: "I understand I do this, but I'm surprised by Elyas M & # 39; Barek"

+++ "Who is going to be a millionaire": Christmas-jersey tab-clubs for Megagewinn – and almost failed on this 500-euro question +++

Elyas M & # 39; Barek also took it easy.

Barbara Schöneberge as a naughty wordman on "2018 – The Quiz": Twitter users like it

By the way, Twitter users are simply thrilled Barbara Schönebergr and her creepy joke, which mostly hits every participant during the show – moderator Frank Plasberg not excluded (Schöneberger's classic: "Now, already again, Mister Plasberg!"):

Barbara Schöneberger safe on "Fort of Fortune"

The wheel of fortune with Maren Gilzer masters Barbara Schöneberger By the way, with flying colors. The term "blood moon" is loosely resolved.

And even when the question arose, why did 11-year-old Musab Cengiz from Gelsenkirchen know 2018 in the headlines, Barbara Schöneberger of course the answer:

The boy from Gertrud Bäumer Realschule 6b had actually used as a teacher – and was hired! Since September, he gives fifth-degree guidance in math.

Svenja from Oberhausen sings here by Helene Fischer and Barbara Schöneberger is speechless

Another goosebump moment in "2018 – The Quiz": Mario Adorf reads stories, the candidates have to decide whether they are true or not. A story: Svenja is on stage with Helene Fischer in Oberhausen and sings the song along with the drawing queen "And I kiss you awake tomorrow".

This story was true (>> read more here). Svenja also lived at Plasberg in the studio – and again gave the song the best. It was left Barbara Schöneberger, Jan-Josef Liefers, Elyas M & # 39; Barek and Günther Jauch open their mouths. Because Svenja sang incredibly well, he made almost the Helene Fischer competition.

But if the stars are missing on television, it usually tends to rely on Twitter if there were less moving comments:


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