20 Minutes – Will this GoT star be the next James Bond?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The Golden Globe Awards ended Monday night in Los Angeles with some surprises. The lack of love for Bradley Cooper's A Star is born, for example. Or Glenn Closes best actress award, which no one had on the list.


Would Richard Madden be a good 007?

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Also, Richard Madden is honored as the best actor in a television drama is quite surprising. Now, the great career is waiting. You must know these five facts about the 32-year-old:

For many viewers, "Bodyguard" is the best BBC series this year. The Scot plays the title role of the unclear war veteran David Budd, who protects the British interior minister, and is thus drawn into a political plot that almost costs him his life. Since October, the series can also be seen on Netflix, and Madden became known all over the world overnight. And now he already has the Golden Globe in his pocket.

The trailer for "Bodyguard". (Video: BBC / Netflix)

Madden obviously has a loot scheme. He likes optical elfin-looking women like his ex Jenna Coleman (32). His current boyfriend is Ellie Bamber. The 21-year-old is a theatrical star in the UK and appeared in a supportive role in the Hollywood movie "Night Animals". The two were first sighted together in summer 2017 in Ibiza.

According to British media reports, its commitment is imminent next 007. Since the mega success of "Bodyguard" he is allegedly the absolute favorite candidate of the producers. Madden would be the ideal cast: he's about the right age in his early thirties, is British and not so well known that he sets the Bond apart. And its witty nature reminiscent of young Daniel Craig.

Madden came to the theater at the age of eleven to overcome her shame. That he would be a heart movement, was utopian for a long time, because he was overweight as a child. Only when he was to appear naked on stage did he find motivation to lose weight. Today, the body responds to the Hollywood ideal. In "Bodyguard" he shows this completely revealed.

Fans of the series have long been a house name for Madden. He was in the first three seasons as Robb Stark one of the drama's key characters, but fell as many of his co-stars to the slaughter of the infamous "Red Wedding" victim.

The Feature of Richard Madden's GoT Figure Robb Stark. (Video: HBO)


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