20 minutes – Will Meghan slip back into the "Suits" pencil skirt?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

For seven seasons, Duchess Meghan (then Markle) as Rachel Zane was one of the main characters in "Suits". In April 2017, the 37-year-old rose from the successful US law series – because of her love for Prince Harry (34) and a life in the British royal family.


Would you be happy with a short look of Meghan in "Suits"?

This is how it works: Install the latest version of the app in 20 minutes. On the Home screen, press the top of the three strips and then the gear. At the bottom of "Themes" you move the bolt to the right by "People" – it is already running.

By the way, the 20-minute People team is also on Instagram.

But as the British Daily Star reports, the expectant mother could return to the TV screen for the very last time in the eighth season. The NBC show producers have apparently wanted a short comeback from Meghan aka Rachel and entice the Duchess of Sussex with a tempting offer.

For the good cause

For a two-minute look, Meghan is getting a two to six million dollar fee. The money could be made available to a charity of your choice.

On the side of the broadcaster, according to "The Sun", there are already concrete plans to return the former actress. So the scene could be shot in Britain, so Meghan didn't have to neglect his royal obligations.

Appearance with baby stomach possible

"We could do it in a day and a half," an NBC employee told the British newspaper. Also, Meghan's baby bump is no problem, according to those responsible.

But before global "Suits" fans are too happy, we clarify how good the chances are that the Duchess will slip into the pencil skirt for the last time (attention, possible spoiler for season seven).

The producer's offer to pay Meghan a million dollar fee for a good cause can make her a difficult choice. After all, the 37-year-old, along with his husband Harry, supports many organizations and has already launched his first "Hub Community Kitchen" project in London.

The action has always been an important part of Meghan's life. Although she has not appeared on the TV screen after leaving the "Suits" series in April 2017, she is still working in the industry.

Only recently reported British media that the Duchess of Sussex was to become the new cartridge of the London National Theater, a role currently held by the Queen. You learn more about her new job in the video above.


Missing serial death

NBC producers wrote Meghan's character Rachel very carefully from the series and did not let them die – as usual in Hollywood – cruel serial death. Did the creators of the "Suits" already motive at that time?


The missing budget

According to media reports, NBC would be willing to donate two to six million dollars to a charity, Meghan should accept a short look.

Another source told Bazaar.com that "the Duchess station did not make a million dollar bid to return for a cameo. There is no plan for her to be in the series again." The stranger has information on two members of the series.


Performance by William and Harry

The fact that members of the royal family in series or movies are actually unthinkable. Nevertheless, Prince William (36) and his brother Harry made an exception. It was planned that the Queen's grandchildren would make a cameo look like Stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

But they didn't make it to cinemas. The reason: Prince Charles sons (70) sons are too big for Stormtroopers. Although they probably would not have recognized the two due to disguise, but it shows that it would be possible for Meghan to return to the "dressset".


The Queen of Oaks

Whether Meghan will get a short look in "Suits" depends not only on her will, but also on the Queen's permission (92). After all, the monarch has the last word.

And even Megan's husband Harry will probably not agree with the British "Express" before the birth of the regular child. Even then, the chances are pretty bad that the palace gives a yes to this plan.


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