20 minutes – Why is this Tesla lost with tape?

adminDecember 31, 2018

Whether in New York, Paris or Hamburg, the most prominent street artist Banksy has already noticed his work in various cities. Now one of his newer creations stopped in St. Gallen. As the online portal "Fm1today" reports, passers-by discovered a red Tesla there at night on Sunday completely covered in tape. Already in early December, the same car was discovered in Pratteln BL, as a Youtube video show.


Is this a "real" Banksy or is it a free rider?

There is evidence in the interior of the car, that it is a moving work of art by the well-known syringe, graphic artist and painter Banksy. "Bankystreetcar" is written on a piece of paper, including the address of the London Lazinc Gallery. The art gallery had already exhibited several exhibitions by Banksy, which never appears under real names. Gallery owner Steve Lazarides has been an avid spokesman for street artists and also for Banksy's career after the turn of the millennium.

Shredded own image

The London gallery had not commented on request, writes Fm1today. However, on the official channels in the gallery, wallpaper Tesla is not a problem. On accounts that also use the name of the gallery, some images of the moving art can be seen. Partly with the note, Streetcar Banksy's latest work and toure is currently through Europe.

About tape-Tesla is a "real" Banksy is hard to judge. The artist, who keeps his identity secret, became known especially with stencil graffiti. These syringes – usually unnoticed – overnight on house walls in different cities. Among them are some optical gadgets, but most are critical to political processes and social phenomena.

However, Banksy never comments on his work, and tells the interpretation to connoisseurs and the general public. This autumn, Banksy made headlines all over the world when a photo of him was auctioned in London. Immediately after the auction, a hidden shredder became active and cut the image only sold to strips.

The same mobile art work as in St. Gallen was already discovered in December in Pratteln BL.


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