20 minutes – Therefore, women are proud of their long underarm hair

adminJanuary 9, 2019

About 8 weeks and over 8,100 Swiss francs invest Western women in shaving their body hair throughout their lives. This is shown in a British study from 2017. This should now be over: Under the hashtag #Januhairy, at present, numerous images of women conquer the web, holding the hairy armpits or legs in the camera.


Do you grow body hair?

#Januhairy was brought to life by the 21-year-old angel Laura Jackson.

Their goal is for women to grow their hair throughout January and document this process on Instagram. This should help to disabuse women's body hair. As Laura writes on Instagram: "Body hair in women is still barely accepted in our society. Society states that women's natural body hair is somewhat unattractive, repulsive."

Heidi Klum insulted

Similar experiences made the German top model Heidi Klum. Klum, which corresponds to the common ideal of beauty, wrote a beach photo of her legs on Instagram a while ago. When you look closely, fine blonde hair on the thighs becomes visible. Reason why some followers will offend Klum and point out that they dry their legs: "Barber your legs!" Or "Hi, it's not possible".

Laura & # 39; s action sets a backlash: After a week there are already 2500 images under hashtag #Januhairy on Instagram. Women from all over the world have joined Laura and let her body hair germinate for a month. Everyone supported the idea that women should no longer feel daily forced to depilate any part of their body.

"Women are beautiful with or without body hair"

On social media, the action is actively discussed. An Instagram user euforically proclaims that 2019 will be the year when women finally cease to be ashamed of their natural body hair. But not everyone is excited. On Facebook, a woman writes: "Sorry, I'm not there. I shave myself to feel clean and comfortable. »

And also men become involved in the virtual discussion. On Twitter, a user points out that women in today's society have the right to do what they want and that is right. Just be aware that an estimated 99 percent of men find body hair repellent to women: "Women's hair is simply unattractive." However, an Instagram user writes: "As a man, I can only say that women are beautiful – with or without natural body hair. It's the choice of women."

Youthful body

According to the sociologist Johannes Krause of the University of Dusseldorf, a beauty ideal always has a social and an evolutionary component. "The idea of ​​hairlessness is usually associated with a young body. In turn, youthfulness signals that fertility will continue for a long time, which is considered attractive, especially for women." The criterion of hairlessness is therefore an evolutionary component of the ideal of discretion. , according to Krause.

There are also feminist voices that emphasize that the female ideal of beauty is determined by men. "Following these voices, it is not an expression of liberation to refuse to shave," says Krause. He still doubted that a social media movement might develop the long-lasting and nationwide effect that was necessary for such a general reassessment of body hair.


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