20 minutes – The mother of "Bachelor" -Bellydah is dead

adminDecember 28, 2018

On Friday night, Bellydah opened for her followers in nearly 30 Instagram stories (an excerpt can be seen at the top of the video) that her birth mother had died. "It's very funny: I'm not sad, but not happy," said the candidate "Bachelor" on social media.


Have you already lost a family member?

This is how it works: Install the latest version of the app in 20 minutes. On the Home screen, press the top of the three strips and then the gear. At the bottom of "Themes" you move the bolt to the right by "People" – it is already running.

By the way, the 20-minute People team is also on Instagram.

On Friday morning, the 27-year-old confirmed her feelings to 20 minutes: "I'm more confused than anything else. It's just strange she's no longer there." The relationship between St. Gallen and her mother was difficult; When she was one year old, Belly came home first and grew up with her grandparents because her mother was a drug addict.

"My half brother is quite creepy"

"The last time we had contact was about seven or eight years ago." At the age of 46 her mother died in Schwamendingen. The cause and time of her death are not yet known. "They found her sitting on the couch Thursday afternoon, she lived in care," the bartender says. "I heard about my half-brother and first thought it was a bad joke. When my ex-grandfather called me, I realized it was true. "

Her half-brother was "quite scary". He is 18 years old and grew up with his mother. Only with regard to the separation of his parents, he had moved out with her. "He always kept close contact with our mother," Belly knows.

"I don't know if I'm going to the funeral"

Her ex-grandfather now takes care of the next steps and keeps her informed that the relative is informed. "We have the opportunity to see my mother again and can also choose a memento from her home," says St. Gallen, who retired from the bachelor's series in the fourth episode of the 2018 season.

It is also a small-scale funeral. "But I don't know if I will do anything about it," bellydah admits, "I would go to the funeral specifically to help my half-brother."


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