20 minutes – That's why stars butter CBD on their feet

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The Golden Globes claimed this year's award season in Hollywood last Sunday. For female stars, this means spending hours in uncomfortable clothes and high-heeled shoes.


What do you do to hurt after a long night in high heels?

This is how it works: Install the latest version of the app in 20 minutes. On the Home screen, press the top of the three strips and then the gear. At the bottom of "Themes" you move the bolt to the right by "People" – it is already running.

By the way, the 20-minute People team is also on Instagram.

To prevent pain on the feet, the prominent ladies go for an unusual remedy – a cannabis cream.

Hemp for pain

In an interview with Coveteur magazine, this ice-star Mandy Moore enjoyed a cannabis lotion she received from her stylist Erica Cloud. "I asked her for a numb cream. But she recommended Lord Jones's CBD oil."

The contained cannabidiole, an ingredient in the hemp plant, has a pain and anti-inflammatory effect – ideal for a long evening with high heels.

Cream doesn't make you high

Stylist Karla Welch gave her celebrity clientele, which includes Olivia Wilde (43) and Amber Heard (32), 2017 this beauty tip.

"The pain and well-being of the CBD is the absolute cure to hurt the red carpet. Don't worry, your feet won't get high," Welch says.

On which part of the body Olivia Wilde still uses the herbal cream, you will find in the picture above.


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