20 minutes – That was why in 2018 everyone went online

adminDecember 30, 2018

In 2018, more memes, videos and challenges have come to our social media feeds than ever before. It screams for overview:

The rapper Drake went through the roof in 2018 with his album "Scorpion". Also because his song "In My Feelings" broke some viral boundaries. At the origin of the so-called "Kiki or Drake Challenge" the comedian Shiggy stood. He released with his little dance video for the song an absolute internet hysteria. Countless people rushed to the challenge, imitating Shiggy's moves and jumping out of a drive at the same time. We tried it too.

Behind this body the contraction challenge is a serious background. Youtuber Julien Bam wanted to protest against yacht hunting with his song "Mach die Robbe". Eventually this resulted in a whole challenge.

The Skibidi challenge required fine motor skills. The Russian techno-trash troupe Little Big hinted with this idiosyncratic choreography, especially in the east, a viral fireworks display. Our video producer Serano immediately jumped on the Internet phenomenon and practiced the dance with passers-by on the street. Nothing for motorcyclists.

Who doesn't like to remember the sweetest of all Internet trends from the year 2018. At the "WhatTheFluff" challenge, the dogs breed out on the race meter because their owners and owners suddenly disappear behind a cloth.

This GIF was very hot on the Imgur 2018 platform! The little girl is just "mood". Who wants to share his food !? Then there is no crushing stuff for the birds!

"Don't touch my food"

12-year-old Mason Ramsey (aka Lil Hank) conquered worldwide, media media feeds with his spontaneous yodel concert in a mall. What does the boy have for a big voice! This viral video catapulted him to the stage at the Coachella Festival.

Cardi B's music is on everyone's lips. Her picture as a 5 year old was too. The Meme machine was running at full speed. The innocent, but in a way instructive appearance was a lot to gain.

Recently, this Taurus monster caused a stir. An image that went around the world from Australia. One found food – for Memer.

What have you heard? Yanny or Laurel? Two names, one audio file, and the Internet were shared.

Super Mario has a large and very creative fan community. This created after the publication of "New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe" without further character: Bowsette. A combination of Princess Peach and Bowser. Artists made on Twitter with their own creations a real match.

The English footballer not only has feet but also hands. His extraordinary Torjubel: For some people an impossibility. But not all Alli's colleagues have failed.

Your brain will play a trick on you. Does the man really have high heels? You can really disturb your head about it. But take a closer look.


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