20 minutes – Suddenly everyone cleans up their apartment

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Just in time for the beginning of the year, Netflix launched "Clean up with Marie Kondo". Who started intentionally in the new year with intentions cannot avoid this series.


Do you think a Netflix series can make you more tidy?

This is how it works: Install the latest version of the app in 20 minutes. On the Home screen, press the top of the three strips and then the gear. At the bottom of "Themes" you move the bolt to the right by "People" – it is already running.

By the way, the 20-minute People team is also on Instagram.

Because Marie Kondo (34) says overflowing wardrobes and dusty basements to fight. For the Netflix original, she visits people whose homes and apartments threaten to sink into chaos and show them how to make orders. Her motto: Separate yourself from everything that holds you back emotionally.

The fact that their strategies for a tidal home seem to work not only shows the positive reactions of the affected people in the series.

Also on Twitter, the posts are hanging up under the hashtag #TydingUpwith which user motivated to post pictures of themselves and their chaos (or just their newly acquired order).

"Me, after watching an episode »

"If you saw a sequel to on Netflix and start throwing everything away. "

"Everyone in his house after seeing . "

"Inspired by Netflix and I've already made two garment bags ready for donation today. And it will certainly be more. »

"I looked at two episodes of Marie Kondos Today. After that, I started cleaning up the paneling, six kitchen drawers, our office and our three cabinets. Everyone in our house has been informed that he will take my anger if he dares to make a mess. "

"I'm another man now. I started cleaning up after seeing two episodes. Before this order my clothes were kept in curves."

"Me, after watching an episode on Netflix. "

"Well, I've folded all my clothes and sorted them by color (according to Marie Kondo's instructions) to spread joy."

How long the self-appointed clean-up gurus actually go through the case with fussy orders remains to be seen.


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