20 minutes – Nicole Kidman gives Rami Malek a basket

adminJanuary 7, 2019

"We want some fun": With this sentence, the host duo Sandra Oh (47) and Andy Samberg (40) opened the 76th Golden Globes at the Beverly Hills Los Angeles Hotel on Monday night – and should be absolutely right.


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In front and behind the cameras, the Hollywood stars – mostly unplanned – presented many fun moments. We have put together the best scenes.

After Rami Malek received a Golden Globe for best actor in a drama film, he quickly hurried back to the scene shortly afterwards. In particular, "Bohemian Rhapsody" received the award in the best drama category and wanted to celebrate as a leading actor with his colleagues.

He also tried to take advantage of the moment, with Nicole Kidman (51), who got the prize to speak – but the actor ignored the 37-year-old consistently. Either she didn't want to, notice him or allow the movie to be shed in that spotlight. Finally, Malek gave up and stood in the background.

In his opening monologue, Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg, not only joked at their own expense, but also took other stars on the spade. For example, Lady Gaga (32) and her sentence "There may be 100 people in one room and 99 don't believe in you, but one person does. And he was, "as she had repeated in almost every interview under" A Star Born "press tour.

The singer took it with humor and called back to the scene: "That's true!"

It almost came to actress Alison Brie for a fashion accident. Her silly dress was braided in the undergrowth while they stood for the photographers.

Fortunately, his husband Dave Franco (33) came to the rescue and released the 36-year-old robe from the green.

Actress Chrissy Metz just gave an interview when colleague Alison Brie entered the red carpet. Not knowing that her microphone was still on, she said, "Alison Brie is a …" – the end of the sentence was no longer audible. Afterwards, the audience assumed that the 38-year-old had called Brie a "Bitch".

That was not the case. Metz himself made it clear on Twitter: "I love Alison and will never say a bad word about her or anyone!"

In the category of best actress Lady Gaga entered the race as the clear favorite. But she couldn't take the price home with her. 71-year-old Glenn Close received the award for his role in "The Wife" – and was visibly surprised by the election.


In the film "Aloha", Emma Stone featured a pilot Hawaiian-Chinese voice. Her role was controversial when she played as a white actor an Asian woman. Now, three years after the release, the 30-year-old apologized publicly after presenter Sandra Oh had targeted the romantic comedy.

Christian Bale also caused laughter at the ceremony. In his speech, he thanked a very unusual "person" – to watch and listen to the top of the video.


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