20 Minutes – Muhammad Ali's son lives at $ 8 a day

adminDecember 31, 2018

When boxing legend Muhammad Ali died in 74 years in 2016, he left a fortune of $ 55 million with eight daughters and two sons.

But anyone who now believes that Muhammad Ali junior, the oldest son of the former heavyweight world champion, lives in the lap of luxury, is seriously mistaken. Rather, the 46-year-old now has to work as an unskilled worker in Miami if he wants to spend more than $ 8 a day.

"I'm just trying to get through"

"I cut grass, pull hedges, weeds, tidbits and gutters," said Ali junior in an interview with British magazine Mirror.

The reason for American uncertain life is a dispute with Ali's widow Lonnie. The 61 year old performs the will and does not allow Ali junior more than $ 690 for the rent and $ 300 for the life per month.

"Since I don't have a bank account, I have to pay commission to pay checks," explains Ali junior, who after deduction of all costs is left with only $ 8 per day. "I'm just trying to get through."


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