20 minutes – Just before marriage, Miley and Liam went bowling

adminDecember 28, 2018

Although it has been speculated for a long time, when it finally comes so far, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's wedding came as a surprise: The Long-term Couple has the javatorium. This confirmed the 26-year-old singer on Wednesday via Instagram.


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While Miley and Liam enjoy their first days as a couple in peace, congratulate stars on social media – and insiders talk about what they know about the surprise break. We summarize what has been known for the date of marriage.

While many couples often have to make final plans shortly before their wedding, Miley and Liam took it easy: As Dailymail.co.uk writes, the couple visited a wine bar a few days before the ceremony and ended the date bowling afterwards.

Even from the bachelor party, Liam has not done anything great. A friend of the 28-year-old actor wrote a picture of the human night shortly before the wedding and wrote, "A tin of Guinness and good company. Not a bad night."

The celebration, attended by just a few guests, took place in Miley's home: In the US state of Tennessee, the couple have already owned a house for several years. "Miley loves her home in Tennessee. She was very happy that the ceremony was held there," an insider told People.com.

The intimate wedding was quite spontaneous, another insider told Etonline.com. "Miley and Liam planned the party at short notice and decided they didn't want a lavish wedding." The couple made a conscious decision to invite only the most important people.

Of course, with the confirmation of the marriage, the congratulations were not long to come. Producer Mark Ronson, 43, who recently launched the comeback song "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" with Miley, dedicated the couple on Instagram to an acoustic version of the wedding class "Faithful Led".

Author Nicholas Sparks (52) congratulates the newlywed couple via Twitter: "It makes me so happy." Almost ten years ago, Miley and Liam met Sparks' best-selling The Last Song.

A timeline of the relationship with the newly married couple you can see in the picture above.


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