20 minutes – Iggy Azaleas dancer collapses during the show

adminDecember 28, 2018

The concert of Iggy Azalea (28) in the Maracan√£ stadium in Rio de Janeiro is in full swing when one of the dancers suddenly collapses on stage. Video footage shows a woman lying on the floor in the background. Iggy Azalea asks for a doctor, but continues his show with the song "Black Widow".

Then the music stops. The woman lying on the ground begins to tear. Ghostly silence prevails at the stadium. The dancer is taken away with an ambulance, reports "TMZ".

Heat teases dancer

As Iggy Azalea later announced on Instagram, the dancer makes her better now. The light and heat on stage had triggered a fit, according to the Australian rapper.

She believed that the woman had only fallen – as the statement from the music to the question why she continued the show despite medical emergency.


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