20 minutes – "I grew up with this monster"

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The documentary film "Surviving R. Kelly" contains the women accusing the 52-year-old singer of sexual abuse, as well as companions of the former R&B star.


Have you seen "Survivor R. Kelly"?

Since the Lifetime, pay-TV channel last week, the six episodes have aired, the topic dominates the headlines, and the government of the US state of Georgia has begun new investigations against Kelly, according to media reports. In 1994, he married illegally with the then 15-year-old singer Aaliyah and was arrested and charged in the Nullerjahren because of possession and production of child pornography. He was acquitted.

"I know who and how he is"

In "Survivor R. Kelly", other women now carry the music, what is his eldest daughter, Joann (20) – next to Kelly, with his former king Andrea Lee (44) or son Jay (19) and Robert Kelly Jr (17 ) – took the opportunity to publish a statement about his father.

In several lengthy instagram story posts, Joann, who makes music under the alias Buku Abi, commented: "The same monster you are attacking is my father. I know very well who and how he is. I grew up in this house."

Daughter was quiet for a long time

She has no interest in discussing her privacy, but believes that she has no choice. "I want you to know I'm broken because of everything."

Previously, she was mostly concerned with her father's behavior and alleged actions, and did not respond immediately after the release of the documentary, so she explains, "I did it for my properness and for my own healing process. I had to do the best for me."

Musicians apologize for the cooperation

She and her siblings have not been in contact with R. Kelly for years. Since her mother Andrea's divorce in 2009, he has endured his children's lives. "Our mother and we would never tolerate or support what he does or even be a part of."

Artists who had musical banded with Kelly in recent years – included Lady Gaga (32) or the French indie pop favorites Phoenix – apologized for the partnerships; Gaga even had his song with R. Kelly removed from all streaming and download portals.

The trailer for "Survivor R. Kelly". (Video: Lifetime)

Only in the company of parents

In 1998, Destiny's Child was also in the studio with R. Kelly РBeyoncé was 16, 17 years old at that time. In a recent interview with "Metro", his father Mathew Knowles (67) tells that his wife Tina (65) followed the girls in the toilet because it was rumored about 20 years ago that when the R&B mega star was very young Women especially like.

By the way, the song the two actions worked on, never came up. But not because of the rumors, but "because I thought it wasn't a good song," says Papa Knowles.


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