20 minutes – "I don't think I want to play Robin Hood"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

How do you react when you are offered the lead role in an action block? Even as a beginner, who will prove himself? Taron Egerton (29) first refused: "Not really," was his exact word when asked if he wanted to play the new Robin Hood.


Does the world need a new "Robin Hood"?

However, the British were never decent in their choice. Most of them may be egerton from agent blockbusters "kingman", indie movie fans are more likely to know about biopic "eddie the eagle". If you do not actively follow the 29-year-old career, you can easily overlook the fact that these films are the same actor.

Talent was the decisive argument

The fact that the brother returns to the mainstream cinema like Robin of Loxley in the reissue of the classic is mainly due to the team behind the film. It attracted high-profile colleagues such as Jamie Foxx (51), Jamie Dornan (36) or Ben Mendelsohn (49). "The idea that they play as support next to me is still absurd for me," Egerton said in an interview.

Finally, it was director Otto Bathurst (47) who convinced him. "I knew their job without knowing who he was," the newcomer explains. Bathurst shot among other things the acclaimed first episode of "Black Mirror" and "Peaky Blinders".

And continue in the role of Tetris

After a face conversation, the director had his star in the boat. "We wanted someone who is charismatic, but not top-down," said Bathurst in an interview in London, his choice, "our Robin Hood is not a superman." Egerton was directly gracious.

His next film is already in the box: In loosely based on Elton John's live music drama "Rocketman" (German-Swiss film launch May 30), the eccentric pop icon for the newcomer is.

He would not be predictable. And after six minutes of interview and just under two cinema hours with the interpretation of the Robin Hood story, we can confirm: Taron Egerton is not predictable. But talented – and totally sweet.

The release of the fairy tale fighter begins on Thursday in German-Swiss cinemas. Here is the trailer. (Video: Ascot Elite)


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