20 minutes – does Apple's next iPhone look like this?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The more cameras in the phone, the better: It seems to be the credo of many manufacturers right now. Samsung has recently shown a quad camera smartphone with A9. Nokia wants to top this off with a scheduled five-hour camera.


How many camera lenses do you need in a smartphone?

Apple lowers your sales requestThis video is not for lethal Apple fans

Now the first rumors indicate that Apple wants to increase the camera front. The upcoming iPhone 11 or whatever it is called should get a triple camera. This is reported by generally well-informed insider Steve Hemmerstof, on TwitterHe wants to know that three models will be revealed this fall. However, the design can still shift to the autumn release, he continues.

The trend towards multi-cameras

But more cameras are not automatically a guarantee for better images. So Google shows with Pixel 3 that the software is as important as the hardware. Although the Google Pixel phone only has one camera object, it plays in all smartphone photography comparisons ahead.

There are currently so many multi-camera systems installed, but should also have other reasons. This allows objects and rooms to be captured in much greater detail in three dimensions. This will then inspire other applications that magnify reality. For example, Sony has shown a camera sensor that captures hand movements in real time as a 3-D model to control games.


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