20 minutes – Do you have body hair grow in January?

adminJanuary 9, 2019

A young woman is lolling in her pink sheets. With both arms she surrounds long legs. At first glance, the picture looks like everyone else on Instagram – but: If you look closer, you can see the thin leg hair of the woman who smiles proudly into the camera. The picture is not an isolated case. Countless pictures of women holding their hairy armpits or legs in the camera are about to conquer the net under hashtag #Januhairy.

#Januhairy was brought to life by the 21-year-old angel Laura Jackson. Translated means the whole thing hairy January. The goal of the campaign is for women to grow their hair throughout January and document this process on Instagram. This is intended to disabuse women's hair.

And you?

Women from all over the world have joined Laura and let her body hair germinate for a month. And you: Do you support Laura and her action and let her hair grow until the end of January? Or you can't understand the action at all and continue shaving as before? Maybe you are a man and have your own opinion on the subject? Write us your opinion or experience via contact form. All information will be treated confidentially.

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