20 minutes – Büchner twins celebrate for the first time without father Jens

adminDecember 26, 2018

In mid-November, the iconic TV emigrant Jens Büchner died of lung cancer. Now the family experiences their first Christmas without pop songs.

This is especially difficult for wife Danni and the two little twins Diego and Jenna. The 46-year-old writes to the TV show "Goodbye Deutschland": "We are celebrating today. But different."

"And there you are"

A sentimental image follows this statement. Together with the twins, Danni Büchner stands on the beach in Mallorca and looks out to the wide sea. The two children wear a Christmas costume.

Büchner spent the Christmas season with two other TV emigrants. This shows a story on Instagram.

In the same way on social media, her mother tells five of Jens: "And there you are. Non-stop we thought of you, nothing is the same as with you. But you are always with us somehow. I I love you dear. "


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