20 minutes – Bonnie and her Excamp at Insta for baby pictures

adminDecember 29, 2018

In May, model Bonnie Strange (32) and actress Leebo Freeman (30) became parents of a daughter. The relationship wasn't even before Goldie Venus was born: Bonnie finally got her ex-boyfriend thrown out of the county house.


How do you feel about Bonnie Strange not showing her daughter's face?

This is how it works: Install the latest version of the app in 20 minutes. On the Home screen, press the top of the three strips and then the gear. At the bottom of "Themes" you move the bolt to the right by "People" – it is already running.

By the way, the 20-minute People team is also on Instagram.

Now the two argue again – because Leebo has entered an Insta image, which the baby's face can be seen on. Bonnie refrains from showing Goldie Venus head-on for security reasons and is now angry. "Publishing photos of her daughter's face against my will and without agreement is selfish and wrong," she says on Instagram.

How Leebo responds to Bonnie's comment, you see in the video above.


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