20 minutes – At night, even the waterfall is turned off

adminJanuary 9, 2019

That reality TV has nothing to do with reality is not new. The latest revelations about "I am a star – get me out of here!" On RTL-astonishing even deadly fans of the cult format: "Picture reporters who have accompanied the jungle for 10 squadrons on the spot will fly shortly before the start of the new trash – Friday some well-kept secrets.


Soon the jungle 2019 will start – are you there (on the screen)?

It also saves water in the jungle. Therefore, the tap on the waterfall, where the more or less prominent residents each take a shower, turns off at night. Nothing with real natural showers so.

The waterfall shower is artificial. And only during the day in operation.

The pond is also artificial. "When I visited the camp for the first time in 2008 and jumped in, I wondered the smell and taste of chlorine in the water," recalls the journalist "photo". At that time he was told that it was for hygienic reasons. Meanwhile, the transmitter denies the chlorine content of the water.

Even rocks and caves, which give a real jungle feeling, are actually fake. Similarly made of fiberglass. Many cameras are located behind.

It stinks, it's dirty and it has pests: The famous Plumpsklo has spoiled so many a spoiled star stay. Apparently. This smelly jungle village can't be that bad. Below the seat is a shaft whose contents are regularly emptied and disposed of.

Regular cleaning: The quiet jungle city is in fact the luxurious version of a dumpster.

The campers have to comfort themselves through the rainforest and gather wood for bonfires. How it works. In fact, RTL distributes chopped and dried logs in the jungle. Or as the broadcasters put it: "Fuels will be made available."

They must cross a suspension bridge, over the desert, to get from the camp to the jungle exam site. Incidentally! Because there are buildings along the way that the TV audience cannot see, the candidates are driven by the jeep.

Despite the distances between camps and challenges: so secluded, celebrities do not live at all. A few meters from the bedrooms are office containers for production. The "Image" layer recommends beginners in each case not to choose a cot right next to the trees. Cameras sit in the trees – and they are tall. "One of them was known for his constant cough. He panted so loudly that the candidates didn't get a snap."

Yes, don't choose a bunk in the trees! The cameramen lurk in the thickness.


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