20 minutes – "Alessio was born lifeless"

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Seven years have passed since the victory in "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" Рand still Pietro Lombardi wacker in business. With "Phänomenal" he made summer behavior in 2018. Meanwhile, the singer himself has changed pages in the talent exhibition and has been part of the jury since the beginning of the year.


Have you followed Pietro's life in recent years?

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But the road to becoming one of the most successful musicians in Germany was not easier for Pietro. In the RTL documentary film "The Pietro Lombardi Story", the 26-year-old gave deep insight into his life on Tuesday night – both professionally and privately.

We summarize the music's 45-minute depiction in five quotes.

As a teenager, Pietro had no future prospects. He felt at that time as a mistake, he confirmed in the RTL documentary. "I didn't see much hope with me." After the eighth grade, the music even went out of high school and began teaching as a painter and paint.

But he also broke this education. In a career year, he then, but at the age of 16, but after school and completed small part-time jobs. "To make money, I worked as a Swarovski stone laying," Pietro recalls.

In fact, Pietro wanted to become a professional football player. Because of a shin and fibula fracture, but his dream broke. "Then I discovered the joy and love of music," he says. She gave him strength after the injury. But at some point to make money but had never been his plan.

And yet, shortly afterwards, he was on the train in the direction of "Germany is looking for superstar" casting. "I didn't take it seriously and just went there for fun," the singer says. With his keyboard, he joined the jury in 2011 and sang the song "Down" by Jay Sean. "I couldn't actually play the piano," Pietro recalls. "I used Youtube tutorials to teach me three chords that I played during the casting. But I pretended to be Mozart."

With the RTL show, Pietro not only connects the cast and victory, but also his current ex-wife Sarah Lombardi. The two got to know and love each other during the performance in 2011. "Sarah and I became a couple that day when she flew out to DSDS."

The audience chose the 26-year-old directly after the first motto show from the show. As a candidate due to health problems had to leave DSDS, Sarah got another chance and finally stood with Pietro in the final.

Pietro and Sarah became an absolute dream team – both professional and private. In 2013, the couple lifted, followed only two years later by their children together, son Alessio. But the birth made the two a hard test. "When he was born, he didn't breathe in and his body color was blue. Alessio was born lifeless," said Pietro in the RTL documentary.

Five, six doctors would have tried to revive the little one. "I just asked," What are you doing with my child? "The singer says." The doctor then said, "Be quiet. Now count every second." "The doctors managed to bring Alessio back to life. But he was put in an artificial coma and operated several times." We didn't know about our son had brain damage or disability, "Pietro says. But finally, all good: The 3-year-old is now very healthy.

During the DSDS era, Pietro's parents always stood beside theirs, sitting in the audience at every motto show. But when the relationship began with Sarah, it broke their parents. "I had no contact with my parents for six years," said the 26-year-old. He still doesn't know the reason. "I think I was just young and stupid. At that time, I just thought of my love and forgot about it."

There have always been arguments between Sara and his family. "I chose Sarah because she was my first love." After divorcing Sarah, Pietro applied for the statement with her parents. "I realized I completely neglected the people who raised me. Because of a woman." Today, the relationship is "mega" again.

The divorce of Sarah and Pietro is imminent. All the information and how their relationship is today, you will learn in the video above.


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