20 minutes – 445 francs grant on 1 sold cinema ticket

adminDecember 28, 2018

In 2018, Swiss filmmaking produced a veritable blocking: over 230,000 viewers have already seen "cloudburst". Thus, the comedy by Michael Steiner entered German-speaking Switzerland considerably more entries than Bradley Cooper's hit "A Star Is Born". It is the most watched movie in German-speaking Switzerland, announcing DCM Films in a communication yesterday.


Do you see Swiss movies in the cinema?

And the most important movie of all time is …The foamest signs in the film history

A great success for everyone involved – but nobody who came from nowhere. An entertaining, mass-produced material based on a popular bestseller is likely to win the audience. Thanks to the good word, the movie is still in theaters since its inception in October.

An entirely different image appears in The Innocent. In the drama of Simon Jaquemet, a researcher falls under the free churches. The movie, which came to cinema a week after "Cloudburst", found no response from the audience. Just over 2000 people would watch the movie.

This is a disaster even for Swiss art house films. In comparison, the drama "Mario" about a gay soccer player took in 10,000 people in March. "The Runner", a cruel drama about an athlete becoming a killer, made 17,000. However, in the broad masses, these films were ignored. Perhaps the biggest flop of the year was provided by director Cihan Inan. The movie "Zone Rouge", according to characters from Procinema, did not even get 500 people to buy a movie ticket.

Since you have to ask the question: What goes wrong here? In Switzerland, there is a maximum of one million Swiss francs per feature film from the Federal Office of Culture. "Cloudburst" was rated at 920,000 francs. But even projects that have little prospect for the public get generous funding.

This is also true, according to Ivo Kummer, director of the film section of the Federal Office of Culture. "The federal government must promote diversity in filmmaking and film supply. These include projects from all parts of the country in the most diverse genres. Each movie is unique. Success is difficult to plan," he says 20 minutes ago.

That's right, but the pros have experience. It was predictable that "The Innocent" would not attract the masses of cinema. Nevertheless, the total funding for the drama was over 980,000 francs. If you divide this sum by the 2 200 recorded cinema entries, you get a subsidy of more than 400 francs per cinema ticket.

After all, drama was the first Swiss film ever to celebrate its world premiere at the famous Toronto Film Festival. The extent to which this is relevant to the average Swiss citizen is another question.

One thing is also clear: Because of the different language regions and the small number of inhabitants, a Swiss film is almost never profitable anyway. But getting past the audience is not the right approach either. Absolute quota must do the mammoth project "Zwingli", at the cinema in January. The strip of Zurich's reformer was reviewed by the federal government with the maximum legal limit of one million francs.

Here is the trailer for the top pull "Cloudburst":

And so "The Innocent" was announced in advance:

"#Female Pleasure" is the most successful documentary with almost 40,000 entries in German-speaking Switzerland alone:


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