20 crazy Star Wars fan theories that were confirmed

adminOctober 21, 2018

A long time ago, in a galaxy, very, very far … very hard Star Wars Fans dreamed of the wildest theories. However, as an interesting plot, many of these theories came true. the Star Wars The franchise has one of the most loyal fan bases, so fans have spent years creating the most extravagant fan theories. Well, it turns out they're not so extravagant after all. the Star Wars The universe includes movies, television series and other merchandise. Filmmaker George Lucas is the brain that created the Star Wars galaxy. The first film debuted in the late 70s and quickly became a great success. In addition, the franchise continues to produce new films. The main films revolve around the Skywalker family, while the series has also branched out and created original derivations. Fans line up in line for days to see the newest. Star Wars Movie, as he creates a never seen hysteria fan. The legacy will continue and movies have transcended time. In fact, it creates new fans every day.

As the fan base continues to grow, so do the theories of fans. They become wilder and more scandalous and while some theories of fanatics end up being very different, that is not the case for everyone. In fact, some of the craziest theories were correct. Other predictions were close but a little out of place. The fanatics might have laughed at first, but these theories changed the universe. Here it is 20 crazy Star Wars fan theories that were confirmed.

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Fans will never forget their dark yellow eyes and their evil smile, since the red and black face of fear is etched in their memories. Episode I: the Ghost menace Disappointed fans, but the Sith Lord Darth Maul left a lasting impression. At the end of the film, Obi-Wan Kenobi defeats Maul and cuts him in half. Presumably, Maul fell into his final, but the fans would not accept it. Many fans believed that he used the dark side of the Force to survive. I felt it was too interesting to appear in a single movie.

Clone Wars the animated series reveals that Maul survived. He ended up on the scrap planet Lotho Minor and lived on parasites. He also built mechanical spider legs, which he then replaces those with metal legs. He made his return to the big screen in the 2018 movie. Solo: A Star Wars story.


In 1977, Episode IV: A new hope The cinema changed forever. Iconic music resounded through the theaters and the unforgettable scroll appeared for the first time. It is also when fanatic theories began. In the movie, R2-D2 delivers a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. At that time, R2 says they know each other, but Kenobi denies it. The fans immediately thought that Kenobi was lying to protect Luke. Prequel movies reinforce the theory as they are clearly known.

The new canon finally confirmed this popular theory. At Star Wars – New Hope: The princess, the scoundrel and the farmer Novel, Kenobi silently acknowledges his past friendship with the droid. Kenobi says softly: "It's good to fly with you again, old friend."


There is nowhere to run. There is no where to hide. The galaxy is vast, but neither Luke Skywalker can hide from it. Star Wars amateurs before Episode VIII: The last Jedi They arrived at the theaters, the fans were already proposing theories. In Force awakens, it is revealed that Luke is hiding in Ahch-To. However, fans pointed out that the Jedi Temple had never been mentioned. They assumed that the temple was difficult to find. The fans soon came up with a theory linked to Star Wars Battlefront II the videogame. It arrived at stores a month earlier. Last Jedi he left. In the game, Luke discovers a rare compass in one of the campaigns.

Fans theorized that Luke used this compass to find the Jedi Temple, since Luke found it too easy to find the temple on his own. Fans assumed that the compass was the key to finding Ahch-To and The Last Jedi the visual dictionary confirms that Luke found Ahch-To using the compass.


Jar Jar Binks is one of the most polarized characters in Star Wars. However, one theory suggested that Binks was actually a secret Sith Lord and not a clumsy buffoon. It appeared for the first time in The ghost threat But it raised a lot of controversy. Critics hated it and George Lucas reduced his role due to the reaction.

Soon rumors began to circulate that Binks would have revealed himself as Darth Jar Jar. Fans pointed to Jar Jar's speech that convinces the Senate to grant emergency powers to Chancellor Palpatine. This played a role in the birth of the Empire and this strengthened the fanatics' theory that he was a Sith. This theory is partially true. Voice actor Ahmed Best voiced Jar Jar in the film. He noticed that there were different plans for Jar Jar before the reaction. He also revealed that he filmed a scene with Senator Palpatine in which they discuss plans for the Empire. Best said: "Wherever that scene is, somewhere, that will really lend great credibility to Darth Jar Jar's theory."


In Awakens strengthKing has a horrible dream. In the dream, she sees Kylo Ren take the Knights of Ren to battle. The fans immediately suspected that the Knights might be connected to Luke Skywalker. However, knights remain a mystery. The fans also wondered about the fate of Luke's other students and most assumed that Kylo eliminated them.

The fans started connecting the two and predicted that the Knights are Luke's padawans. The knights did not appear in Last Jedi, what disappointed the fans. However, they believe there was a reference to the Knights. Luke reveals that Kylo betrayed him, but also put his students against him. This confirmed the theory for many fans. However, Luke never declared that the Knights were his former students.


A minor scene in the 1982 film. E.T. the alien He created the theory of the craziest fanatics. The fans began to theorize that E.T. Y Star Wars They exist in the same universe. E.T. He revolutionized an extraterrestrial stranded on earth. Recruit a child's help to return home.

During Halloween night, E.T. See a child dressed as Yoda and shout "Home!" The majority of the hearings dismissed the scene but did not Star Wars amateurs They proposed that E.T. He recognized Yoda because they come from the same universe. It is one of the most crazy theories that fans invented. Apparently, it's not so wild after all. At Ghost menace, Foreign partners of E.T. They are members of the Senate. It is even possible that E.T. It is one of them. This confirmed the long-standing theory for the most loyal fanatics. Never doubt a Star Wars fan.


Leia is more than a princess. She is a general, a leader and a warrior. She also rocks the hairstyle of cinnamon buns better than anyone in the galaxy. For decades, the fans theorized that Leia must be sensitive to the Force like her father and her brother. This theory first emerged in the early 1980s, but fans had to wait more than 30 years to find the answer. The original trilogy had many twists in the plot, as when Darth Vader revealed himself as Luke's father. The other great twist is that Luke and Leia are brothers despite kissing. A new hope.

The audiences assumed that this meant that Leia's Force was also sensitive. However, Leia never uses any power like Luke does. On the other hand, he could feel Luke a few times and he knew where he was. This strengthens the theory of the fans and the trilogy of the sequel confirms that she is sensitive to the Force. In fact, she seems to be a very powerful Jedi. In The last Jedi, she is able to survive almost dying using the Force.


When Force awakens It was announced for the first time, each fan became a five year old the night before Christmas. They ran in circles and bounced off the walls. Due to the excitement, the fans analyzed the trailers on numerous occasions. In the trailer, fans noticed the name of Poe Dameron written on Finn's jacket. The average fan thought it was just a jacket, but loyal fans knew it was a clue. It was a minor detail that played a great role in the film. In fact, they correctly predicted a main plot device.

They theorized that The First Order captured Poe and Finn would help him escape. During the escape, Poe passes or betrays The Resistance, so Finn would end up with Poe's jacket. The fans correctly predicted the mission and the encounter with Finn. The theory was close and a little out of place. Poe does not pass, but Finn assumes he's gone. Poe's jacket took a wild ride through the galaxy.


Force awakens It introduced a new mystery that almost consumed the galaxy. It revolves around an orphan named King. King's seems to be a simple scavenger, but there is more to it than meets the eye. One of the most intense theories refers to the identity of their parents. She just remembers being left behind and nothing else, so her mysterious background story sent her Star Wars fans in overdrive. They created a million different theories.

The most popular theories suggest that it could be a Skywalker, Solo or Kenobi. According to another theory, it is possible that their parents do not have a real importance. Fans feel that it is too simple for Luke to be their father and they prefer that she is not related to anyone. In the Last JediFans feel that this theory came true, since Kylo tells Rey that his parents were not special. This confirmed the theory for many fans. Other fans disagree and predict that Kylo is lying to Rey.


Darth Vader attacks fear in the hearts of audiences, as his intimidating sight and presence will surely cause nightmares. It is a central character that does not appear in the trilogy of the sequel. However, the fans predicted that it would appear in the Star Wars Anthology films. In fact, before the plot lines were leaked, the fans predicted that Vader would return. Rogue One & # 39;It is the first film of the anthology. It takes place just before the events in A new hope and revolved around the mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. The events of Rogue One takes place at the height of Vader's power, so it would be almost impossible not to include it in the film. When Disney announced the plot, fans predicted that Darth Vader would be in the movie. Not only that, but the fans quickly discovered the role of Darth Vader. They correctly predicted that the film would end with Vader boarding Leia's ship.


Ben Solo dreams of being like his grandfather, Darth Vader. He turns to the dark side and becomes the evil Sith Lord Kylo Ren. He is an expert Sith with extraordinary powers. Clearly, he had to learn these skills somewhere. The fans theorized that Kylo learned from the best Jedi, Luke Skywalker. Force awakens he does not give Kylo any background story. The movie begins with Kylo who is already wreaking havoc. In addition, Luke has been hiding due to Kylo's rise to power.

The fans correctly predicted that Luke trained Kylo and felt responsible for his actions. The guilt led him to hide. Although, there is a small change. In the Last Jedi, Luke trains Kylo and feels the dark side of him. He hides after trying to kill Kylo.


the Star Wars The films show the innumerable extremes of Stormtroopers. Now, a moment of silence for these brave men … oh wait … no one cares about the Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers are anonymous, faceless and disposable. However, the trilogy of the sequel gives the Stormtroopers more depth. In particular, it focuses on Stormtrooper FN-2187 or Finn. Finn betrays The First Order and then joins the Resistance.

During a battle, Finn meets another Stormtrooper. Fans nicknamed this character TR-8R. Many noticed that the two characters seemed to know each other. The fans predicted that they were friends who fought together. In fact, the theory is confirmed in the novel. Before the awakening. Finn and TR-8R trained together and became close friends. According to the novel, TR-8R felt personally betrayed by Finn and wanted revenge.


It seems that the Force is strong with many Star Wars amateurs That is the only explanation of how these wild theories create. For example, a writer of fan fiction predicted the link of the Force between Kylo Ren and King. After Awakens strength, a fan wrote a story that showed the link of the Force and the fanatic believed that Kylo created the link when he interrogated King in Awakens strength. This allows them to communicate. The theory of the fans was incredibly similar. In fact, it is one of the most precise. At Last Jedi, Kylo and Rey have a special connection. It allows them to talk to each other from the galaxy. The supreme leader Snoke creates a mental bridge between them to make it possible. However, this Star Wars The fan was ahead of the curve.


the Star Wars the producers should have known that there are no clues or details that the fans will not notice. For example, Force awakens The trailers had fans asking the same question. "Uh, where's Luke?" He was noticeably absent from the trailers. This resulted in a million different fan theories. One theory suggested that he became a Sith Lord named Kylo Ren. Of course, that theory was very far away.

However, there is always a fan who discovers it. The fanatic believed that Luke went into a self-imposed exile, possibly because he felt that the Jedi were bad for the universe. The fan was disturbingly accurate with the prediction. The only thing that the theory overlooked was his Kylo Ren training and Ren turned to the dark side.


From the beginning, the fans predicted that Kylo Ren would turn against Supreme Leader Snoke. They theorized that Kylo would turn to the light side of the Force. Most fans assumed that it would happen in the final movie. However, a new theory emerged after the release of a Last Jedi trailer. The trailer alludes to that Kylo would deviate and betrayed Snoke. The theory suggests that Kylo turns on The First Order to save his mother, Leia. He also predicted that Kylo would betray Supreme Leader Snoke in the second film, not the third. The first part of the theory was wrong, but Kylo betrays Snoke. In fact, he joins Rey to defeat Snoke. In any case, Kylo does not become one of the good guys. Instead, he wants to rule the galaxy along with King.


Luke Skywalker is a powerful Jedi who brings balance to the Force. He goes from being a naive farmer to an intrepid Jedi. It is safe to assume that there would be no Star Wars without luke However, it only appears briefly at the end of The force awakens. He is such an important character that his small role created gigantic theories. Fans predicted that he would assume a role similar to that of Obi-Wan Kenboi. The theory is strengthened by the fact that Luke looks like Kenobi, since he has a similar tunic and beard. They predicted that he would hide like Kenobi and also thought that he would train another Jedi again. In fact, the theory is quite accurate, since Luke becomes essentially the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the new trilogy. He trains Rey and is the wise old man who does not tell the whole story.


In A new hope, Luke Skywalker is beginning to learn about the Force. Soon it becomes one of the most powerful in the galaxy. It is always evolving and discovering more about the Force. However, the fans theorized that it was time to add new power to the Force.

At the end of Last Jedi, Lucas shows a new power never before seen. While in deep meditation, you can be in two places. One is a hologram that can interact with other characters. This new power should have sent shockwaves through the fan base. However, they already thought that it would have a new power. Mark Hamill revealed that he filmed a scene made with special effects. The fact that he filmed a scene of this kind alerted the fans and correctly assumed that the special effects were for their new powers.


In 2016, Carrie Fisher passed away sadly. She became world famous for her role as Princess Leia and her devastating admirers around the world. Before his death, fanatics came up with many theories regarding the final installment in the sequel trilogy. They realized that Awakens strength focused on Han Solo and Last Jedi in Luke Skywalker. The fans assumed Episode IX He would focus on Leia. Later, Mark Hamill confirmed the theory. He said: "She deserved the second act." Harrison was more prominent in VII, I'm more prominent in this, and I was destined to be more prominent in the latter. "Fisher completed the filming of Episode IX Before his death and it is his final role in the cinema.


For more than 30 years, a Star Wars The theory continued to grow bigger and bigger. Fans refused to believe that the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy was gone. Boba Fett could have been a villain, but fans loved him. However, his apparent disappearance disappointed the fans. In Episode VI: The return of the Jedi, Fett falls into the Sarlacc pit and never returns. The fans were sad to see him go in such an anti-climatic way. However, other fans began to predict that he was still alive. This theory began because C-3PO points out that the well has a slow digestive system. Fans felt that this meant that Fett could escape. Star Wars historian J.W. Rinzler confirmed that Fett survived. He said, "Yes, he does, I've been in meetings with George where he confirmed that Fett survived, if he comes from George, then it's true." However, it is not clear if Fett is still alive in the new canon.


Star Wars It is known for its crushing tremor, as it leaves the audience speechless and in a state of shock countless times. However, now fans are always looking for the next twist of the plot. They assume that one of the new characters hides a secret. Poe Dameron is one of the best pilots in the galaxy, but he is also one of the best, but fans have a hard time trusting him.

Fans predicted that Poe is a double agent who works secretly for the First Order. They point to his interrogation as a clue as the fans felt that he delivered the information too easily. Then, The last Jedi The trailers alluded to that Poe organized a riot, reason why the fanatics felt that this confirmed their suspicions. The theory is actually the correct half. In The last Jedi, Poe makes a riot against his superiors. However, he is not working in secret for the First Order, but he had a difference of opinion and took extreme measures. In the end, fight against the First Order.

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