11 "friends" fan theories that solve many holes of the plot

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Ross "cheated" Rachel during her break ~ because Carol taught her a different definition of the term.


Perhaps the most enduring debate in Friends' history was whether Ross cheated on Rachel or not while "they were on a break." Rachel argued that Ross was unfaithful while he did not agree. But this theory suggests that Ross really did he believes he was innocent because his ex-wife Carol taught him a different definition of the term "rest."

The theory is based on the fact that in an episode shortly after his divorce, Ross reveals that he lost his virginity and married Carol. In a later episode, however, we found out that he also slept with a cleaning woman in college.


Therefore, it is suggested that Ross and Carol had a "break" at some point during college, which allowed each one to connect with other people to see what life was like without the other. Finally, deciding that they were made for each other, they rejoined and got married. Ross then assumed that the same rule applied to his "break" with Rachel.


Ross lost custody of Ben because he was a terrible father.


It is well known that Ross's son, Ben, made regular appearances on the show until the eighth season, when he apparently left the face of the earth, and did not even meet his half-sister Emma. However, this theory suggests that Ben disappeared because Ross lost custody of him because of his irrational behavior and questionable parenting skills.

Over the course of a few seasons, Ross asked a personal defense instructor to help him scare the women he planned to attack, tried to kiss his cousin cousin, went out with his students, was fired from work because of an uncontrollable anger and opposed to employ a male nanny


This theory suggests that Carol decided to eliminate Ross from Ben's life as a result of erratic behavior.


But he may also have abandoned Ben to focus on his new family with Rachel.


This theory postulates that Ross did not lose custody of Ben, but abandoned him in favor of his new family with Rachel. It is based on the conversation that Rachel has with Janice in the hospital shortly after giving birth. Janice warns him that, over time, Ross will leave her and Emma for their "real family" and will not be close to them. The theory suggests that, in reality, Rachel and Emma were the "royal family" that Ross chose over Ben, who wants to devote his time and love to the family he has created with a woman he has loved since high school.


Richard knew that Chandler planned to propose it to Monica, and that is why he hastened to profess his love and commitment to her.


One of the plot twists in Monica and Chandler's engagement episode was the reappearance of her ex-boyfriend Richard. They parted famously after establishing that Monica wanted marriage and children and Richard did not. However, just before Chandler sets his mind to it, Richard takes a U-turn and tells Monica that he has never got over it and wants to commit. However, this theory of fanatics suggests that Richard knew that Chandler was going to propose and, fearing losing Monica forever, decided to do it first.

The theory is based on the fact that Chandler checks his jacket pocket to make sure the ring box is still there just before Richard enters the same restaurant.


When Richard arrives, he hugs Chandler and feels the box. Knowing that Chandler will not ask the question with him right there, he accepts a table with them to gain some time, and once the dinner is over, he rushes to get to Monica and confesses his love and commitment to her.


Monica had the best sex of her life with Chandler because she literally taught him how to navigate her body.


Throughout the show, Chandler is portrayed as quite useless to women, especially compared to Lothario Joey. Despite this, when he and Monica start dating, she says he is the "best sex". [she’s] he's ever done it. "Now, if he really was that great in bed, would he have been much more successful with women over the years?

Well, this theory explains the hole in the plot when referring to the episode in which Monica teaches Chandler the seven female erogenous zones and the order in which they stimulate them.


You probably saved this information in memory and used it in Monica when they finally connected. And, given that the order of stimulation was specific to Monica's tastes, Of course it was perfect. Y Of course He was the best lover he had ever had.


Ross and Rachel were cursed for seven years in the pilot episode, and that's why their relationship was tumultuous.


This theory suggests that the tumultuous relationship of Ross and Rachel was due to a curse provoked in the pilot episode. In the scene in which Rachel meets the Friends for the first time in the cafeteria, Ross accidentally opens the umbrella and the theory states that this led to seven years of bad luck. The curse was lifted just in time for Rachel to tell Ross she was pregnant, with the initial umbrella incident on September 22, 1994 and her pregnancy announcement on September 27, 2001.


The group always got the same table at Central Perk because Gunther secretly reserved it for Rachel.


For many years, the viewers were confused as to how the Friends always managed to secure the same Central Perk sofa, until someone discovered that there was a "Reserved" sign that had been there all along. However, this did not take into account the fact that Friends often appeared spontaneously, so they had not always reserved the place in advance. However, this theory suggests that the sign was actually there because of Gunther's infatuation with Rachel. Since the cafeteria was located in a busy area, Gunther simply left the sign on the table so that she would always have a seat and he could see her often.


Erica knew she had twins, but she worried that Monica and Chandler would withdraw from the adoption if she told her.


One of the biggest surprises in the final episode of friends It was Erica giving birth not to one, but to two babies. However, it seems incomprehensible that Erica did not know that she was expecting twins, or that the adoption agency had done so much supervision. This theory, however, suggests that Erica did I know, but after going through the roller coaster of emotions involved in the selection of Chandler and Monica as adoptive parents and knowing their personalities, she decided to save the information for herself in case they left. After all, Chandler was seriously scared when he discovered there were two babies.


Monica, Phoebe and Rachel, who had very different routes to motherhood, were deliberate.


By the end of the program, the three friends had had children in one way or another. Phoebe acted as a substitute for the triplets for her brother and his wife. Rachel decided to become a single mother after an overnight affair with Ross. And Monica adopted the twins after they told her that she was biologically incapable of having children. While the stories were dramatic, there is a theory that the writers made each experience different from the previous one to show the innumerable routes to motherhood and how equally valid they all are.


Phoebe was really a genius without ambition.


We all know that Phoebe was silly and stupid. However, this theory suggests that she was actually a genuine genius with almost no ambition, playing against each other for her own amusement.

The theory is based mainly on the scene in which Phoebe almost convinces Ross that the theory of evolution is wrong.


Leave the conversation confused and she laughs: "That was fun, who's hungry?" However, there are other scenes in which Phoebe seems much smarter than she is credited with. Do you remember how she referred to herself as the group's puppet teacher after Rachel gave birth? Or how did he trick Chandler into admitting that he was seeing Monica? Or how did he try to get Ross and Rachel together again by setting them up on bad dates? Not to mention the fact that she can speak French fluently despite never going to high school. Maybe she was really incredibly smart all the time.


Chandler deliberately cheated Monica on the questionnaire so that he and Joey could win their apartment.


The contest of questions that makes Monica and Rachel change apartments with Chandler and Joey is one of the most entertaining episodes of the entire series. However, this theory suggests that everything could have been planned by Chandler, who cheated in the first round knowing that he would be able to convince Monica to bet her apartment later.

She argues that during the scene in which Joey and Chandler guess what's in Rachel's shopping bag, she steals a glance as she approaches to tell Ross to stop being the host of her game show.


By seeing what is in the bag, he is able to "guess" one of the elements correctly, and genuinely suggest another using logic. Knowing how competitive Monica is, it is possible that he later decided to increase the bets knowing that she would be convinced to bet the apartment.

After all, it is he who suggests this bet in the lightning round of the game.

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