10 Well-known 10-quality film released in 2018

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2018 was a very productive year for moviegoers and looked at blockbusters. Still, there are films that are shaded by productions we all know by heart, but deserve to be seen with success. We've collected the 10 best reviews of Webtekono Weekly Film Prescription this week.

Throughout the year he met dozens of movie guests on the screen, some talked about for months. Although there are not many places in the cinema halls, the number of movies is quite appreciated.

In this week's Webtkno Film Prescription list, we listed 10 movies released in 2018, but could not see the value they deserved by staying in the shadow of popular movies. You can also share with us the movies you don't see on the list, but you should say "Must have been on this list." Nice readings.

Red Sparrow:

Red Sparrow, one of the most notable productions of the year with his remarkable manuscript, tells the exciting story of Dominica, the agent who must leave the ballet as a result of an accident.

The film, which was released in March 2018 in Turkey, is a movie that can be enjoyed by those interested in psychic tensions and espionage films.


He takes a step into a violent world where Marcello, a dog boy and lives a quiet life, never belongs to a man he meets. With its realistic and shocking story, Dogman could win many festivals.

The story of Marcello, a loving and loving character loved by everyone in his hometown, is a very successful production of human violence and the unpredictability of life.


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Cold War:

It's a very common love story that lets us look at Europe during the Cold War years. Cold War, The story of Zula and Wiktor, which are different from everyone else, was a successful period film.

The Cold War, which includes more than 10 awards in festivals it has participated in, is a must-have for those who enjoy period movies.

Under The Silver Lake:

For those who like to watch thrillers, Lake Altında, one of the most successful films in 2018, focuses on the story of Sam, who finds herself in a secret journey on the sudden disappearance of a woman he has just met. The exciting journey across the streets of Los Angeles takes the inside inside.

On the one hand, on the one hand, trying to dissolve a great "mystery" movie, on the other hand, draws attention to the fun scenes. If you like movies that keep your curiosity on top, you should definitely take a look at it.

Bird Box:

One of Netflix's ambitious productions, Bird Box, tells the story of a fictitious future pencil about Malorie and her children, who have had to live in bondage for survival. Because the abandoned house where they live, is no longer safe, the family is forced to leave and go on a challenging journey with bound eyes.

Translated into our language as a "cage", the adaptation of the novel by the same name is one of the films enjoyed by those who enjoy psychic tensions.


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Water shape:

Another period in the Cold War years is the sound of water in the movie. Elisa, who was introduced to a humanoid underwater creature that had been experimented in the state laboratory where she worked, is planning to avoid this creature from the lab and look at the thrilling chain of events.

If you like productions where amazing characters and real stories come together, the Sound of Water is a must-watch.

The mail:

The biographical film, The Post, is the story of the leak of the Pentagon documents that emerged during the Vietnam War and made a great impression in America.

With the success of describing the invisible face of the war and the pressure experienced by both the public and the media, the company has succeeded in becoming one of the most renowned productions of 2018 with its successful cast.


Focusing on the secrets of the murders of one of the world's most prestigious dance schools, Suspiria is a successful film about Dario Argento's cold history.

Suspiria brings together psychological excitement and supernatural elements, Susie, who tries to survive a chain of events where everyone dies in turn and the audience.

Night comes (it comes at night):

We follow the struggles of a man living in an abandoned safe house with his family to protect him from a threat to the whole world. A young man who is a "god guest" coming to his home at night disturbs family life. From night, As a horror movie of the kind we are used to and start to surprise the end of 2018, one of the popular horrors was the horror.

In this universe, where it is strictly forbidden to go out at night, as you can imagine, the rules break down and unexpected events occur. If you like watching horror movies, Gece Gelen is one of the best options for 2018 for you.

Dog Island (Isle of Dogs):

The latest film by successful filmmaker Wes Anderson, Dog Island, is about the quarantine of an island, because the dogs' population is out of control in it not for the distant future. The story of Atari Kobayashi, who went to search for friendly Spots among dogs and helped other dogs on the island.

Dog Island, one of the most successful productions released in 2018, tells one of the stories we often meet in a way that we are not used to. If you are open to cinema innovations, you should definitely follow this successful production by Wes Anderson.

Don't forget to share your comments in 2018 if you have good quality movies that you see and are not popular. On a new movie list, see the 2019 tour.

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