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The latest trailer for Aquaman It came before the release of the film in December, and we are here to break down the biggest revelations and details that you may have missed. Directed by James Wan, Aquaman he stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, the heir to the throne of Atlantis, who must fight to prevent his brother Orm a.k.a Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) from starting a war that could devastate the planet, both above and below the waves.

Helping Arthur in his quest is compatriot Mera, played by Amber Heard, who has some interesting skills. Together, Arthur and Mera must search for the lost Trident of Neptune, which was last seen in possession of the late King Atlan, and is a weapon powerful enough to turn tables into the fight against Ocean Master. To track it they will need to delve into the history of their people and defend themselves against the attacks of Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and his friends.

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Let's take a closer look at the final trailer of Aquaman, to see what the new images reveal about the plot and the characters of the film.

Arthur & # 39; s Happy Childhood

In fact, we can see Arthur Curry in five different stages of his life in this trailer: as an adult, as a teenager, as a child, as a baby and as this adorable little boy with plump cheeks. In this scene, Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) teaches her son about his fate with a little help from a teddy bear and a three-pronged fork. "The legend says that one day a new king will come, who will use the power of the trident to reunite Atlantis," she says, who also presents the plot of the film. If you look closely at the start of the trailer, you will see a camera on the table when Atlanna and Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison) hold their newborn son, which indicates that they are taking their first family photo.

Ancient Atlantis

When Atlanna tells Arthur about reconnecting Atlantis, we see an image of this with a statue literally rebuilt. Note that the statue's shield forms the symbol of Aquaman, as does the gateway to the ancient city. Also note that Atlantis is on the earth instead of under the waves. In the history of DC, the home of the Atlanteans began on the surface, but ended up sinking to the bottom of the ocean when a meteor hit the Earth.

Training With Vulko

Willem Dafoe plays Nuidis Vulko, an advisor to the throne of Atlantis and the mentor of Arthur Curry. We have not seen much of Vulko in previous trailers for Aquaman, but here plays a prominent role when we see him training Arthur to use his powers, in particular, advanced combat skills and the ability to swim super fast. It seems that Vulko has his teenager Arthur his "first swimming lesson" making him jump from an extremely high cliff (which Arthur later revisits with Mera). We also see Vulko and Arthur training on the beach, with Arthur wielding a quindent, so he clearly receives this particular weapon at a young age. Throughout the trailer, parallel shots are used to demonstrate how the skills Arthur learned growing up become vital for his survival in later life.

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King orm in full armor

Aquaman's brother, Ocean Master, is a formidable opponent, and in this new trailer we rejoice to see him wearing his characteristic armor of comics (which comes with a cape, although such a thing is not very practical for swimming). Ocean Master is also handling a trident of its own, but it is not the same trident that Arthur is looking for. The swords can be seen behind him, but it is not clear to what they belong.

The trident and the quindent

Arthur Curry already has a perfectly useful quindent, which he used to defeat waves of parademons last year. League of Justice. As such, when asked to look for a trident, he points out that he already has a weapon of that type, but Vulko responds: "Not like this one, you do not have it". The specific powers of the lost trident remain vague, but it seems that their importance lies both in fulfilling a prophecy and in offering Arthur additional firepower. As the late King Atlan explains in a recorded message, "In the hands of the true heir, [the trident] It would unite up and down. "

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