10 Marvel Villains who need their own movies

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With the last two Spider-Man movies that Sony did not burn the world, it seemed that the film studio was in its final stages with its Marvel properties. They agreed to let Marvel Studios re-use Spider-Man and then decided to take one more chance to achieve success with a movie that most people expect to fail. That movie was based on a villain from Marvel on Venom.

What happened was shocking. Poison ended up as a monstrous success and actually made more than all the X-Men movies, from the team's efforts to the Glutton films

With Poison A great success, here are 10 more Marvel villains who need their own movie.

10. Magneto


It was already assumed that there was a movie about Magneto after the first trilogy of X-Men ended. X-Men Origins: Wolverine It was supposed to open the way for more source films derived for the mutants and their villains. The second film was supposed to focus on Magneto, the villain who moved from the prison camps in the Holocaust to the forefront of the battle for the rights of the mutants.

It did not work at that time, and much of Magneto's background story was told in the following trilogy when he and Charles Xavier found their place in the world. However, Magneto is still an incredibly interesting villain who needs his own movie; We hope to keep Michael Fassbender in the role.

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9. Loki

There is little chance of a Loki movie happening, which is tragic. However, the good news is that Marvel has not finished with the God of mischief. Instead of a movie, Marvel is doing a Loki television show for his Disney + network. This will allow Tom Hiddleston to give fans more great Loki stories without being forced to go on the screen with his older brother.

However, Loki is a villain who deserves his own movie. Every time Loki has appeared in a Thor or Avengers Movie, he has stolen the entire show. He is a star and could really shine in his own solo movie.

8. Sinister Six

Sony could return to its previous idea of ​​making its own movie Sinister Six. This group had to appear for the first time in Marc Webb. Amazing Spiderman Franchise with Andrew Garfield. They presented Rhino and Electro and prepared Easter eggs for Vulture and Doctor Octopus.

However, it did not happen, because they stopped production, and while the fans got Vulture in a Marvel movie, and Mysterio is coming, it might not happen in a Spider-Man movie.

However, Sony mocked a villain movie with Sinister Six and now that Poison It's a success, you could try again. If Sony is smart, they will see where Suicide squad He fought and gave his own bad guys the chance to fly.

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7. Kang the conqueror

Kang the Conqueror seems like he could be a perfect villain to appear in the Avengers movies. However, since the Avengers seem to end their career in the fourth film, where does that leave the conqueror of the world who travels in time? Of course, he became the best villain in a LEGO game, but that is not enough.

Kang the Conqueror should be a villain to get his own movie; one that unites all the Marvel heroes together in the same way that Thanos did this year. He is strong and intelligent enough to beat any superhero, and it would take a great effort to finish him off. Kang could be the next Thanos, maybe even be better.

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6. taskmaster

Taskmaster is a villain who deserves his own movie just because it's amazing. Seriously, his only power is to imitate all the heroes he has seen. But he's so cool and oozes the fact that he's the toughest guy in any room he enters. However, what would the film be about?

In the comics, there was a point where Taskmaster was asked to join the Secret Avengers and then S.H.E.I.L.D. He sent him undercover to work as a double agent. Making an espionage movie with Taskmaster as the protagonist is something that Marvel needs to do right now.

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5. Emma Frost

Fox tried to bring Emma Frost to life twice in his films. Unfortunately, both attempts failed miserably. In X Men First generationEmma was there as part of the Hellfire Club with Sebastian Stan. While that played in the history of the comic of that group, she was nothing more than a sweet of eyes and a scourge for Stan. She never received the respect that a character of her stature deserved.

Do not even try to think about what they did in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Emma Frost is a powerful and capable mutant, skilled enough to get away with anything, and safe enough to drag anyone with her. If there's a Marvel villain who deserves her own movie, it's Emma Frost, easily.

4. Kraven the hunter

Sony saw big dollar signs with Poison and they have even bigger plans for Kraven the Hunter. Now, Kraven surely deserves to be told his best story in the Spider-Man franchise itself. However, if Sony wants fans to meet Kraven before The last Kraven hunt, they have many addresses to which they can go.

The good news is that Sony is actively developing a Kraven the Hunter movie. Reports indicate that screenwriter Richard Wenk (Equalizer) has already written the script and thinks that Antoine Fuqua, who directed EqualizerIt would be the perfect setting to direct the film.

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3. Sabretooth

Sabretooth has made two appearances in the world of cinema. First, he was in the first X-Men movie. That movie saw former wrestler Tyler Mane take on the role, although he was not as nuanced as the character in the comics. However, Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth was one of the few things that X-Men Origins: Wolverine Is right

The advantage is that Sabretooth moved away at the end of this last movie and the timeline changes. Thanks to Days of the future past, It seems like I could go back again. With Marvel putting his hands on the X-Men again, a Sabretooth movie in which he is the antihero that he has been lately could be brilliant.

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2. Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn has been present in several films. In the first Spiderman In the film, Willem Dafoe was brilliant in his role as Green Goblin, the first villain that faced Spider-Man. He then tormented his son from the grave in the next two movies. In The incredible Man-Spider 2, Norman passed away and his son became the first Green Goblin on that timeline.

However, forget about the green goblin. Norman Osborn is a villain from Marvel who deserves his own movie. He should focus only on Norman Osborn, not a supervillain in disguise. Play as the postSecret invasion Comics where he gains power in government and begins to make life difficult for all benefactors in disguise.

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1. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is not only the most worthy villain of Marvel who needs his own movie, but he is also a villain who needs the movie that Fox wanted to make before the acquisition of Disney. Fox was wrong in the first Fantastic four Movie with the character and ruined it horribly in the restart of 2015.

However, it seemed that Fox was finally doing things right with the world when they hired Noah Hawley to work on a script for a solo movie by Doctor Doom. For fans who do not know, Hawley is the showrunner of Legion, the brightest superhero television show that Fox produces. He is also one of the protagonists of a villain Marvel. This is a movie that has to happen.

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