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Whether you're attracted to blockbuster movies, Netflix, old-school cartoons or the comics that started it all, you know it's the Marvel world and we only live in it. It's hard, at times, to know that you're a small and small child in a huge corporate entertainment empire, that no matter how much you post about the murder of the Black Widow character, you know you're still buying tickets for. Avengers 4 in 2019.

We see you and we listen to you, Marvel fans emotionally exhausted. It is good to love and hate your favorites, in fact, we encourage it. Here are 10 gifts for the Marvel fan in your life that constantly changes between love and hate.

What better way to casually disparage Marvel than to represent the most cunning superhero of all? Instead of collecting a dozen Avengers Funkos, treat yourself to this painfully adorable figure of Deadpool taking selfies with unicorns. What is it? Why it is we do not care

Price: $ 14.99

Image: braeletsshopco / etsy

A great way to show your support for the X-Men, who are not yet part of the MCU and whose movies have been going on for a long time (shout to Dark fenix, we need as soon as possible). Easy to start in a fit of rage, then simply reapply!

Price: $ 4.95

Loungefly has a sweet selection of handbags, purses, wallets and more with Marvel theme, but we love this backpack that is as ostentatious as functional, very similar to Loki's own.

Price: $ 70

The Infinity War collection of Su Universe is broader than the store dedicated to heroes or specific villains. Nothing will motivate you more in sport than Thanos's threat or the motivation to be as powerful and powerful as a Marvel villain. Also wearing a T-shirt that says "REALITY" is metal af.

Price: $ 32.90

Image: mashable compound / shopfives / etsy

shopfives has a dedicated section of Marvel art, available in pins, postcards and larger prints. We chose the attractive Steve / Bucky merchandising because Stucky should be a canon, and the least we owe to these beautiful soldiers is something of peace and love before. Avengers 4 It is likely to break them forever.

Price: $ 3 +

While it's at the most expensive end of Marvel items that scream that you have not captured feelings, a Star Lord jacket has the kind of interplanetary coldness that translates beyond the circle of geeky friends. Wet it in a midnight movie or in a bar with randos; If there is something that Star Lord respects, he is a rebel.

Price: $ 119

God knows we're not going to have sexy times in a Marvel movie in the short term, so buy something cute for your own sexy times, or for yourself! Of course, the writing of underwear is implied for another person, but it is also a small malicious secret that you must protect on your own during the day. We have to imagine that the same God of mischief, Loki, would initially be furious and then be tickled respectfully at the appearance of his words about such a garment.

Price: $ 5

Sometimes you do not want to declare your fandom as much as you want it to be a hidden secret, which is easily won by someone who inexplicably looks at your ear lobes too long. Tacks are the perfect touch of nerdy love for any outfit, and with all these options you will not have to be picky.

Price: $ 10

Every time the MCU has you with mediocre villains or forced heteronormativity, turn to these cute little faces to remind you why you love these stories in the first place. Who can be angry with that little mouth of Iron Man? How powerful can the Hulk stuffed animal really be? These guys would not hurt a fly and they just want to love you and be hugged.

Price: $ 22.99 +

It does not matter what you're going through with Marvel, Wakanda forever.

Price: $ 46.36

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