10 actors that could replace Captain America by Chris Evans (and 10 that we do not want)

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Chris Evans recently gave the Marvel fans a lot of bad news. He announced that, from the end of Avengers 4, has ended playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is not a surprise, since Evans has said he wants to spend more time behind the camera, directing his own films than starring them. However, at least some fans hoped to stay, even if Steve Rogers played a secondary role. However, this does not seem to happen and now Marvel has to make a decision: will Steve Rogers be modified with a new actor, will Captain America disappear completely, or will the role take on a different character?

When it comes to adding a new Captain America, there is the problem that he is a hero due to his Super Super Soldier and this is unique to Steve Rogers. That said, there are already a couple of heroes in the MCU who have represented Captain America in the comics and are more than ready to take over the film if necessary. There are also a couple of women who could possibly stand up and assume the mantle, perhaps with the help of Wakanda's technology.

With that said, there are also some great actors who would slip perfectly into the role of Steve Rogers if Marvel repeated it, and some others who would not be a great choice for the greatest hero in the United States.

Here are the 10 actors that could replace Captain America by Chris Evans (and 10 that we do not want).

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When it comes to who should or should not replace Chris Evans as Captain America, many arguments begin and end with Sebastian Stan. After all, it is not a good time to start rethinking actors in Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least not for important players. There should not be a rotation of James Bond with Tony Stark or Steve Rogers when there are many other characters to focus on.

That said, in the comics, Bucky Barnes took on the role of Captain America when it looked like he had perished after the events of the Civil War.

In the movies, this was mocked in Winter Soldier Y Civil war When Bucky put his hands on the shield. MCU should definitely deliver the role of Cap to Stan. It would be interesting to see Winter Solder assume the role of Captain Amerca.


Wentworth Miller brought a lot of fun to the world of Flash With his interpretation of Captain Cold. The villain become a hero in Legends of tomorrow He was perfectly portrayed by the ex Prison Break star. As Captain Cold is no longer a prominent player in the Arrowverse, Miller has much more free time, although he is still registered to return at times for special appearances.

With that said, there have been many fans who want Miller to assume the role of Steve Rogers in Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this probably would not work. While Miller was excellent as Captain Cold, he works better as an antihero with arrogance and not as the stoic hero that Steve Rogers proved to be during Chris Evans' tenure.


John Krasinski conducted an interview to promote his new Amazon Prime video series. Jack Ryan. In it, he said he felt he would be better as a hero like Ryan than as a superhero in many cases.

Interestingly, Krasinski was originally prepared for the role of Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Chris Evans missed it.

However, Krasinski had no problem losing the role, since he knew that Chris Evans would be perfect as Captain America. Looking at Krasinski and his papers in A peaceful place Y Jack Ryan, It is easy to see him enter the shoes of a hero and become the new Steve Rogers. This is something that could work for both him and the MCU.


Luke Evans has had some opportunities to prove himself as an important man. He enjoyed his break representing Apollo in Clash of the titans before playing a bigger god in Immortals like Zeus. He also played one of the protagonists in The Three Musketeers before having the opportunity to launch a shared universe world like Vlad in Dracula Untold.

This movie stopped the shared universe of Universal Monsters. However, it was not the first or the last time the world of monsters failed to take off. With that said, Evans was excellent in his portrayal of Dracula's sympathetic future. The problem with Evans in portraying Captain America lies in his personality, which is honestly too dark and too British to take on the role of Steve Rogers in the MCU. However, Moon Knight is another matter.


Many fans are eager to see a non-white actor take on the role of Steve Rogers. In fact, some fan pitches have asked Will Smith to participate in the role. While Smith has proven to be a box office attraction, he is already a star in Suicide squad and he just does not feel good for the role of Steve Rogers. He makes a better cocky anti-hero in movies like Suicide squad Y Hancock.

Steve Rogers is not an antihero. He is the antithesis of an anti-hero, someone who is almost so good that it would be boring if he were not so nice. Because of this, Denzel Washington fits much better with the role of Steve Rogers. Denzel is 63 years old, so this might not be likely, but if the MCU ever decided to make a comic-book movie about comedian Steve Rogers, Washington is definitely someone who could do it.


Channing Tatum really wants to portray a superhero in a comic movie. He has been trying to get Gambit In production for years. However, with Disney buying Fox and Gambit It's no closer to shooting now than ever, this probably will not happen. However, this does not mean that it should be taken to the MCU. The last thing Marvel should do is hire Tatum to play Steve Rogers in the MCU.

Despite the fact that they considered it at the beginning, Tatum is simply not a good choice for the role.

As the AMERICAN SOLDIER. Joe The movie franchise has proved, Tatum can play a soldier and is a much better actor than some will give credit. However, it is also a bit distant to portray the man out of time who is Steve Rogers. It has the appearance and the constitution, but taking away Rogers' personality could be too much to ask of the actor.


Garrett Hedlund was one of the actors that Marvel Cinematic Universe was considering when they were originally playing the role of Steve Rogers. He had the opportunity to make a big-budget science fiction movie in the past with Tron: Legacy and demonstrated his acting skills in Four brothers. However, he did not have enough work at that time and, therefore, Chris Evans was chosen at that time.

With that said, Hedlund has really started to show his scope of action with movies like Mudbound Y Intact. He also has the charisma to intervene and keep the character strong if he wins the Steve Rogers battle. It would be a Captain America more nervous, but if they change the role, changing the character is not a bad thing.


Brenton Thwaites is on the wish list of some fans for the role of Steve Rogers. However, the problem here is that he almost seems too young to play Captain America. Yes, Stever Rogers was frozen on time for many years and he was not that old when he fell, but he still needs to be someone who can take on the role of a hardened veteran.

With that said, Thwaites probably ruined any chance he had of playing someone like Steve Rogers when he took on the role of Dick Grayson in the DC streaming universe. Titans. Grayson is someone who was always seen as a more positive and optimistic partner of Batman. However, DC decided to make it dark and violent on the television show, which would be hard to shake if Thwaites ever wanted to play the virtuoso Captain America in the MCU.


While it may be unlikely, there is always the possibility that the MCU can swap Captain America's genre after Steve Rogers leaves and brings us a Captain America.

If we ever saw a Captain America on the big screen, there is no better option than Sharon Carter, of Emily Vancamp, to take on the mantle.

She is the great niece of the old flame of Rogers, Peggy Carter, and was S.H.I.E.L.D. agent originally in charge of watching Steve Rogers. Sharon then sided with Steve Rogers during the Civil war story and showed that you could always trust her. With the recent success of Wonder Woman and Brie Larson assuming the role of the titular hero in the next Captain Marvel, now could be the time to take a female Captain America to the big screen.


Interestingly, Alexander Skarsgård was originally on the short list to play Thor in the Marvel film universe. He did not get the role, although his father, Stellan Skarsgård, got the role of one of Ter's earthly roommates. Now that it looks like Chris Hemsworth will have more opportunities to play the God of Thunder, could there be room for the younger Skarsgård to join the MCU in a different role?

Skarsgård has shown that he can be heroic thanks to his role as the titular character in Tarzan in 2016. He has also shown a rougher side in the HBO vampire series True Blood. However, although Skarsgård is almost certain to achieve a superhero role in the future, he does not really fit into the character of Steve Rogers.


Stephen Amell really shone like the DC Comics superhero Arrow in The CW. It was amell and Arrow that set the bar for the the Flash, Supergirl, Legends of tomorrow, Y Black Lightning, demonstrating that these heroes deserved a platform to tell their stories. Along the way, Amell has shown that he is dedicated to being a superhero, and he has done it with style.

Amell would agree to leave DC when Arrow Does your career finally end? If he does, there could be a place for him in the MCU. Amell could easily change things and assume the role of Steve Rogers, although he may need to learn some new facial expressions that he uses in Arrow, as Steve Rogers does not usually seem so intense.


Jensen Ackles has spent more than a decade on television playing the reckless and tough Dean Winchester in Supernatural. Unfortunately, when it comes to taking his talent to the big screen, things have not gone so well, and his greatest success has been the critically disappointing horror remake. My Bloody Valentine 3D. However, this does not mean that Ackles has no experience with superheroes. In fact, he expressed Jason Todd in the DC animated movie Batman: under the red hood. Ackles also looks like a hero.

However, his experience in Supernatural makes him more suited to play the role of a bad guy or a rough antihero, not the Captain America we see in the MCU.

While Chris Evans was able to move from Johnny Storm to Steve Rogers, Ackles has not yet shown the same rank.


Ryan Phillippe was on the short list for the role of Captain America at the beginning. Because he has so much experience, he could have contributed a lot to the paper. He lost the opportunity to Chris Evans. After this, he decided to reinvent his career with the US television series. Shooter.

Maybe the problem with Phillippe is that their previous roles are a bit risky, but who can forget Chris Evans's whipped cream scene? No other teen movie? This means that Phillippe's previous roles should not be a problem. The reason why Phillippe was not originally cast in the role of Steve Rogers was because he had never proven to be a profitable star as a leader. However, now that Captain America is a household name, it would be a good time for an actor without so much box office success to join the role.


Hollywood has wanted to make Sam Worthington a star for a long time. If you look at your list of credits, there are many projects that never seemed to take off, especially because Worthington could not achieve the goal of winning crowds and criticism.

Worthington was the leader in Terminator Salvation, but this only lasted one movie. He received two shots in the Clash of the titans reboots but the special effects won the day there. In AvatarI was just a role player in James Cameron's 3D world, and I was not even the most memorable character in the movie. When it comes to Captain America, Chris Evans immediately adjusted to the role and made the character his own. However, this might not be something Worthington is capable of doing yet.


While there might be some actors in the Arrowverse that could easily take on the role of Steve Rogers, Colton Haynes could be one of the best options. Listed on more than one fantasy casting list for the role of Captain America, Haynes took on the role of Red Arrow in Arrow and it was great as the antihero companion next to Stephen Amell's Arrow.

At age 30, Haynes is young enough to carry the paper for an extended period of time.

It also has the appearance and jaw line of Captain America that we see in the comics. He has been in big budget movies as San Andreas and has brought his own television show in Teen wolf He could have what it takes to succeed at the MCU.


Marvel Comics helped fans fall in love with Peggy Carter thanks to the short ABC television series Agent Carter, in which the supporting character of Captain America the First Avenger He faced spies, gender politics and Howard Stark. He did it with the style and style that most of the MCU heroes would like to have. Then, at the movies, Steve Rogers saw her again before she passed away from old age.

With that said, there have been some fantastical theories that Peggy Carter could somehow reach the Marvel movie universe thanks to time travel, something that could happen due to the Infinity Stones or the Microverse in which Ant-Man finished. However, if there is ever a Captain America, she should be Peggy's niece, Sharon. Although we would love to see Hayley Atwell in the MCU, the wonderful actor Carter should finally be given the opportunity to rest.


Many fans have wished to see Matt Bomer adorn the big screen like a superhero. There has been fan casting imagining Bomer in the roles of Batman and Superman. In fact, Bomer said that when he was 23 years old, he was prepared for the role of Superman when Brett Ratner was working on making the film. Bomer said he was chosen to play Steel Man before the movie collapsed.

If there is a character in the Marvel Universe that matches well with the Big Blue Boy Scout of DC Comics, it is Steve Rogers. If Bomer has another chance to play a superhero, he should be like Captain America. However, Bomer is currently joining DC Comics. Doom Patrol Series, so this may be unlikely. However, your fans can dream.


Kellen Lutz was someone who looked like he might be a rising star. After his supporting role in the break Twilight Franchise, many thought he was the next big thing. As a result of this, he had two main opportunities in fantasy movies. Appeared in Immortals and then he played the main role in The legend of Hercules. As he showed in this last movie, it's fantastic in action scenes.

However, he struggled with the charisma that was needed to run a franchise.

As he has shown in other films as The Expendables 3, he's the guy to call when you need a great action hero. However, it may not be the type you call when you want someone to be the moral compass that leads all others to action. Put it in Suicide squad or another action movie and for sure it will be great. However, you must stay away from Captain America for now.


Marvel Comics had two Captain America at one time, with Steve Rogers working on his civil identity as a special operations agent and Sam Wilson renouncing his role as Falcon and assuming a new winged version of Captain America. The two ended in conflict with each other throughout the comics, as they were on separate sides of social problems.

Some fans have wondered if the MCU could try the same, but without Steve Rogers. After watching Anthony Mackie assume the role of Falcon, many fans are eager to see him take on the mantle of Captain America. Although more fans want Winter Soldier to assume the role of Captain America, what would happen if Anthony Mackie's Hawk also assumes a role similar to that of his character in the comics and faces Bucky's Cap? This could create a very interesting story for the upcoming Captain America movie.


Both Marvel and DC Comics have wanted to bring Matthew McConaughey on board to play someone in his films. McConaughey has said that both companies sent him scripts to read and discuss roles. However, nothing has come out of any of those meetings. Despite this, McConaughey has still mentioned that he would be interested and open to joining MCU or DCEU if the role was correct.

Marvel hanging a marquee character like Steve Rogers would be enough to take McConaughey to the fold? There were some fans who expressed interest in seeing him assume the role of Captain America even before Chris Evans took the role. However, McConaughey may not be the best person to assume the mantle. Although he is probably a great villain, let's keep him away from Captain America.

What you think? Are there other actors that should (or should not) pick up? Captain Americashield? Turn off the sound in the comments!


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