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Sep. 09, 2018


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"Thrones Game" revealed the premiere date of its last season | Play Thrones
The best kept secret to "Play Thrones"Since a year ago, more than the true identity of Jon Snow's parents was finally revealed." The last season of the ...
Do you still remember Daniel Rebelo, "Idols" competitor? Changed sex
DAniel Rebelo, a competitor of the "Idolos" program, who at that time talked about laughing at the size of his ears, completely changed his life. Now the name gives ...
April 14 will be released the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones – Film and TV Culture
welcome You created your account at TIME. Meet and customize your profile. The verification message is sent to Check your inbox, and if not, in your spam folder. NO, BIT POS ...
Radu Vâlcan released his unpaired wife and made the public image
"She published my boyfriend on the Instagram account, today, a picture of her. Sexy, redhead, explosive and makeup. She says … in the old days she was good at that ...
Her mother has lost her fight to survive! Who's Hande Erçel, the unknowns!
Hand Erçel, the beloved actress for the TV screens, broke with grief after her mother died today. As is known, the mother of the famous actress Hande Erçel has been treated at ...